Try to refrain from smoochin’ your computer screen…

Oh, Miss Stellita.

This squishy little lady has me wrapped around her finger.
She is such a little ham.
Constantly goofing around, being silly, hogging all the attention.
If she has anyone’s eye, she’s putting on a show.
She’s not the least bit shy, unlike her sister.
Unless of course she’s pretending to be shy, which is her go-to charmer.
She wins people over with her big brown eyes, her deliciously peachy cheeks, her pouty little lips and her santa-like pot belly.
She is everything you would want in a one-and-a-half year old, and more.
And with all that personality comes a whole lotta sass!
She can sass me like nothin’ else.
She’s not scared of anything, especially getting in trouble.
Which I can’t blame her, I have the hardest time getting after her when she’s just so dang funny.
She will purposely push buttons and break the rules just to see where it gets her.
Heaven help me, I love that baby.
She can eat, and eat, and eat, and eat.
She will eat anything and everything and always wants seconds… and thirds.
She continues to blow us away with her bottomless belly.
Despite the hair pulling and toy taking, she sure loves her sissy.
“HAR-RO!” is the first thing she calls for when she wakes up.
She hates when Sissy is out of her sight, which Harlo equally hates so it works out well.
It’s taken months to nail down a “sorry” from her, but she’s now pretty good about giving her sister lovins when she’s done her wrong.
Usually the episode is followed immediately by a bear hug and a big slobbery kiss before I can even get after her.
Now if we could just find a way to keep from the naughty episodes at all, we’d be in good shape! 🙂
Though something tells me that’s never going to happen…
She is obsessed with babies.
If she sees a baby anywhere, (story time, restaurant, grocery store) she immediately demands to hold it.
I remember Harlo loving babies at this age, but nothing like Stella.
She has to sleep with her baby every night and nap, always snuggled right under her arm.
I couldn’t name a favorite food since she eats everything like it’s her favorite, but she has taken a fondness to dipping.
She thinks she needs a dip for everything she eats.
her favorite breakfast right now is blueberry waffles dipped in yogurt.
She still prefers to dip, but she is really, REALLY good with a fork and spoon.
Way ahead of where Harlo was at this age in that department.
She can totally eat cereal out of a bowl with a spoon, she can eat anything we have for dinner with a fork.. she’s a natural.
She is the biggest auntie’s girl.
Auntie has been in town this weekend and if she so much as goes to the bathroom, Stella’s in all sorts of fits.
Today she woke up and started singing “Auntie’s girl!” as soon as she woke up.
We’re going through a bit of withdrawals now that Auntie has gone home.
Her separation anxiety is still there, but she’s doing pretty good.
We have to be pretty nonchalant about telling her goodbye and make sure she’s good and distracted before we go.
She is still a little sleeping beauty.
Her sleeping schedule goes something like this:
wakes at 10:30-11:00 am (for the day) goes down for a nap at 1:30, sleeps til 4:30 and is ready for bed again at 7:30-8.
I’ve never met anyone who likes to sleep more than Stella does.
She definitely takes after her Daddy in that department. You don’t want to run into a tired Stella… or Brady.
Princess Stella runs this household. From the minute she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep she is the boss.
Luckily none of us have a problem with that and tend to her demands without a fuss.. most of the time. 😉
Stella fills a part of my life I can’t even explain.
I feel so unbelievably blessed I get to be her mom.