Yesterday was a full day.
It was busy and eventful and it was good. What is that they say about idol hands? I believe it. We tried to get out of the house by 10:45am (I hate to admit this is a painfully difficult task) to make it to the library by 11, but didn’t get out of the house til about 5 after 11 and decided to start our errands by a quick visit to Daddy. Then we had a girl’s lunch and headed to the craft store for our upcoming Valentines crafts. Our carpets were being cleaned and we had some time to kill before going back home so we stopped to grab a diet coke and a chocolate chip cookie. (Diet coke for me, cookie for them.. just to be clear) We headed back for naptime that was already delayed. I got Stella settled in and started meeting Harlo’s afternoon requests. I wearily sat down in my computer chair and thought to myself, am I losing it? I felt exhausted from my busy morning. I started in on my too often rant, thinking how I should really be doing more, and do other people have this hard of a time? And my laundry pile is never ending.. how can I not keep up? But those thoughts of self destruction were cut short by Harlo needing to go potty, which then lead to the bathroom being cleaned and after that, the dog needed to be let out and Harlo’s snack request being filled and I had to pick out my date night outfit and then it was time for her to get ready for dance class.
As I was kneeling down helping her into her tights, she says to me “Mom, I think I love Stella. She never even cries anymore, and she’s so cute.” and in that moment I paused from my busy day and realized how dang cute my three-year-old girl is. How quickly she is growing.
We were running a little late, but I didn’t care. I had to get my camera and attempt to freeze this time.
After just a few minutes Stella was up and that meant I needed to hustle to get to dance class on time. As soon as I picked her up from her crib she wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her little head on my face. I didn’t care how much of a hurry we were in, I needed to savor this time, too. The embrace fell what seemed too quickly but Stella had so much to tell me and a lot of silly energy to get out. While we drove to dance class, just seconds to spare, I realized… I may be losing it, and maybe it’s hard for me to get out of the house by 11, and to run more than three errands with two toddlers, and be on time for dance class even once, but I am enjoying the hell out of it, and something tells me that’s more important.