Harlo had her first dance performance today.
Harlo totally ROCKED her dance performance. LOVED the stage and would wave to all her fans as she walked on and off, followed along pretty well, but just made up her own dance moves if she didn’t know/care what the others were doing. We had to walk away with her crying “I need to be on stage!” after it was over. She was so proud. It was such a special day and one I think I will always remember.

The girls had their first “sitting” with santa this year… Yep, both hated it. But not as bad as I thought.. Harlo was actually totally fine while we were there… as long as I was holding her. She asked Santa for “Princess dress-ups and barbies”. The only part she didn’t like was actually sitting on his lap. I was way hesitant to even try it out, but she insisted she wanted to do it, so we did. 🙂 The picture is priceless.I honestly thought today that we lost Stella’s boo… like, forever. (“boo” is Stella’s pink blanky that she CANNOT be without.) I seriously almost had a heart attack. I was nearly in tears when we retraced our steps enough to remember it definitely made it in the car from the Dickens festival, we found it in the bathroom shortly after. Whew! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for a “boo 2” at the store, but still hope we never fully lose the original.

We finally saw the newest twilight movie tonight! The first twilight movie I saw was the day before I gave birth to Harlo, and I was reading all the books in those first few weeks of my new life as a new mom. Definitely brought me back with that movie tonight. Such fond memories I have of that time.
A very busy and very fun saturay. We live a sweet little life. 🙂