It’s been a while since Stella has graced the blog… she’s done quite a lot of growing up… like, she stands now.

Oh… My Stella Babe.
Where do I even begin?
Stella absolutely oozes personality.
She has personality seeping out of every inch of her tiny body.
We always joke that she’s belligerent all the time.
She loves anything having to do with being a big girl.
big girl cups, big girl chairs, big girl phones…
She climbs, climbs, CLIMBS all over everything.
All day.
After a few spills off the couch, she has now figured out how to gracefully slide off the couch.
So, all day she climbs up, slides down, climbs up, slides down.
I can’t tell you the relief I have that she’s learning how to effectively climb DOWN from things.
She STANDS UP from sitting on the floor with no help.
(Harlo thinks this is by far her best trick)
She loves to walk holding on to hands, but wont quite do it on her own.
She will take 1-2 steps to get where she needs to go, but other than that, she’s good.
Which I’m good with, too. 🙂
She still eats our whole family under the table.
The other night she ate two full pieces of pizza and 1 and a half breadsticks.
She basically eats like a full-grown man for every meal.
She has started packing on the lbs. finally, though.
She is back to the 30th percentile and her legs are looking mighty squishy. 🙂
She suddenly has taken a huge interest in talking.
She will basically repeat anything you tell her to say.
She nods her head for yes.
She knows to ask to get “down” or “up”
She loves sitting in our little brown (kid size) recliner chair.
She’ll climb in that chair and flip through books for a half hour.
I love it!
She has started to be such a little pistol.
She purposely pulls Harlo’s hair sometimes.
(which totally looks like it hurts and Harlo never cares a bit.. so strange)
She can give quite the sassin’.
If you take something away from her, ohhh boy are you in trouble.
She usually rebounds in a few seconds and is back to a happy camper.
Oh, goodness she’s such a little sass.
I love it! 🙂
Her screaming has seemed to fully disappear, thank the sweet Lord for that.
I swear it shortened my life by 5 years.
It was so, so LOUD.
She throws everything off her trey when she’s done with it.
Drives me nuts.
She is still such a lovey and gives me lovins and big smooches all the time.
Although she is WAY too busy to be held for more than 2.7 seconds at a time.
I have to say I’ve been quite depressed about my baby getting so independent and grown up all the sudden.
But it is so fun to watch her grow and her personality continue to just grow and grow.
I think I’m definitely grasping the days with a baby on my hip all day are coming to an end,
but that’s not totally a bad thing.
big or little, I just absolutely love that little sissy to pieces!
Her hair is thickening right up.
I can’t do pigtails in it yet like I could definitely do with Harlo’s at this age, but I know it’s just around the corner.
Her bangs, however are basically nowhere in sight.
I think we’ll be wearing headbands for quite a while.
She is such a little ham!
I mean, she is a ham sandwich!
I can barely handle it.
She is so not shy like Harlo.
And she has the hammiest little grin.
She has four gappy little teeth on top and two on bottom.
It’s complete and utter perfection.
I always say she looks like a character on Wallace and Grommit (remember them?) Brady thinks that’s mean, but I totally say it with love. She’s obviously so dang cute, but she does. 🙂
She’s been only taking 2 hour naps lately which is about killing me.. don’t know if it’s a random thing while she’s getting new teeth or if this is our new life.
I’ll actually say it’s been kind of fun being able to do more stuff and playing with them for more of the day, but my poor work is piling up.
She has been wanting to go to bed earlier, though so that’s okay.
By like 7:00 she’s basically begging to go to bed.
We call her our little Ruffian because she’s such a wild girl.
She is not scared of anything! Today she was trying to slide off the bed on her belly like she does off the couches. Her feet would be still 6 inches from the floor and she’d just drop herself.
She loves sitting on the couch.
She always leans back and pats her belly with her little hammy grin like she’s so big.
She is seriously hilarious.
Our favorite thing to do when we get into bed is talk about all the funny things our kids do.
We get laughing so hard.
She is such a little sneaker and always tries to sip my drink when I’m holding her.
I have never had an issue with Harlo doing that.. Harlo didn’t have her first sip of soda forever and she’s never had one since.
Stella’s gotten to it a few times, now!
She a
nd Harlo play so well together.
She totally listens to whatever Harlo tells her to do.
If I’m calling Stella and she’s not listening, I can say “Harlo, call Stella” and she’ll come crawl-running out.
She woke up in the middle of the night the other night and we really didn’t even know what to do with her.
It’s been so long since she’s done it.
I just brought her in bed with me for a minute and she was so cute.
She laid right down by me and just pat-patted me, she tickled my face, she softly touched my eyes, nose and mouth, she would lay her little hand on my cheek.
It was so sweet.
after about 30 minutes she got a little restless and wanted to go back to her bed.
How is it that both of my girls will absolutely not sleep with us?
She is just truly a little ball of sunshine.
She brightens our life all day, every day.
I always tell people, she’s exactly what you would dream a one year old should be like.