Anyone who knows me in “real life” at all knows that the only other thing I really ever talk about other than my kids, is birth.  I just think birth is so amazing.  Even now that my baby is over a year old, birth is still on the topic of my every day readings and discussions.  I don’t think there is anything I love more than photographing birth sessions.  It just absolutely feeds my soul in every way.  Being able to document that for someone… it’s such a special and humbling experience.  All the births I attend, I feel bonded with the women for life.  Each one holds so dear to my heart.
Jordan’s birth was so amazing!  It really felt more like a party than a birth.  She had her brother, sister and mom there, (and of course, Josh the proud Daddy) we all just hung out and laughed all morning long.  It was so laid back.  Jordan is hilarious, and in labor she’s no different.  She was fully ready to PUSH when the doctor walked in and said, “It’s always a party if Jordan’s around.” and without skipping a beat, she says “yeah.. I’m a good time.” haha.  It was probably my favorite quote of the year.
When Bentlee arrived it was such a celebration.  That’s the only word that comes to mind.  It was so special to be apart of that.  Her family just absolutely adored her.  She was such a beautiful little baby with the sweetest spirit.  The energy in the room the whole day was just magical.

Thank you, Jordan for letting me be a part of that amazing day, I’m so excited to share this!