Harlo has taken a sudden interest in photography.
I always catch her with any camera device she can find up to her face.
I gave her my old, ancient digital camera and she always says to me, “let’s take pictures of Stel”.
Anytime I have my camera she says “that’s mommy’s work?”
I think she’s still a little confused about what I actually do.
She is in such a fun, funny stage right now.
She’s always been a great talker, but it seems like these last few weeks her conversations have gotten more “grown up”.
She always says “Hey, what ya do?” (for “what are you doing?”) and when I say, “just cookin’ dinner (etc) what are you doing?” she says “um… just nuffin’.”
It’s my new favorite.
She’s been waking up at about 8:15 every morning so Brady gets her and she always comes right to my bed to give me some morning lovins.
It’s seriously the best thing ever.
If I stay in bed for a little bit while Brady finishes getting ready for work, she always brings me random things to hold. She’ll go through the house and find my bobby pins or hair ties and bring them to me, or she’ll cook in her play kitchen and bring me things to taste. 🙂
Her favorite time of the day is when Stella wakes up to go and get her.
No matter what she’s doing, she’ll drop it so she can go “get Stella”.
As soon as she hears the first PEEP out of Stella’s room, she’ll say “I’ll go get her, mom!”
She is loving Tinkerbell movies right now, which she calls “Tooth Fairies”
Her other favorite things to watch at the moment are Beauty and the Beast, which she calls ‘Jingle Bell’d’ and Baby Einstein, which she calls ‘Baby.com’
She always has her own names for things.
She is SUCH a girl.
She loves make-up. I am constantly getting after her for getting into my make-up drawer.
She insists on wearing dresses every. single. day.
It’s been a little cooler this week so she’s had to wear pants and it’s been quite the ordeal.
I have to suggest we dress as twinners or that she and Stella can be matchy to get her into something other than a dress.
She loves being matchy.
She’s pretty particular about what she wears and how we do her hair, these days.
She always wants a ‘Brady’ (braid) but she has specific names for each type of braid we do.
A side brady, princess brady, auntie brady…
If she asks for ‘hair like mama’s’, she wants a messy bun.
If she doesn’t want me messing with her hair, she’ll ask for “bangs back” where we just pull her bangs with a bow.
haha, she’s such a little character.

She has still been doing great with potty training. She had about 3 days in there after the first week where she wasn’t so sure about it and had a few accidents, but other than that she’s been amazing. Much better than I thought potty training would be at least. I have nothing else to compare it to. We went to Oceanside last weekend and she woke up with dry pull-ups every day we were there. Such a champ! She is still going on her little pink potty, but is definitely warming up to the big potty (which she calls “the big boy”)
She asks a trillion questions a day.
I love every last one.
She’s always asking “what’s that?” or “what’s this?” or “what ya doin’ mom?”
She’s started tattletaling a bit.. mostly on Daddy.
She’ll come to me and say “Mom, Daddy said No for me”
With Stella, if she’s messing things up, Harlo will tell me “Mom, Stella’s making a whole mess!”
She is such a little mama and always makes sure all of us have had our vitamins and oils for the day.
As funny as she still says some things, she’s learning the correct words for a lot of things. Like oils she no longer calls rainbows, and the ocean is no longer the lotion. Makes me sad.
She also works constantly with Stella on her vocabulary.
It’s usually while we’re in the car and I almost always drive with no music on just so I can hear them talking to eachother. I get such a kick out of them!
Last night I overheard Harlo telling Stella, “Say ‘mama’… ‘tree’… say ‘car’… say ‘old mcdonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o!”
She definitely has her moments where she’s naughty with Stella or is too rough with her or just wants to bug her.. they’re sisters. But I don’t love anything more than watching them together. They fight, they bug eachother, they work it out, they giggle and play, they look out for eachother… it’s such a complex relationship, and it’s also so simple.
Harlo’s at the age where we’ve had to set some family values and we talk about those values often.
Like, treating your sister nicely and how important family is.
She likes to talk about family a lot.
How we all have the same last name, how me and auntie are sisters just like she and Stella, how mommy and daddy fell in love and got married, how papa is my daddy… the subject never gets old for her. She’s so fascinated by it.
She is so good at saying sorry.
Just this morning she had a little tissy and grabbed a toy from Stella. After they both calmed down, Harlo says (without being asked) “I’m so sorry, honey. I’m sorry I took a toy for you”
The other day she had a fit before nap time and after we had all calmed down I said, “Harlo, I don’t like it when you cry. I want you to be happy all the time” and she goes, “I just love you, honey.”
haha, she melts my heart!
She is such a good girl.
Sometimes as I kiss her goodnight, I realize she hasn’t given me grief one time that day.
I learn so much from Harlo every single day.
It’s such an amazing blessing in my life to be her mom.