Corey is such an amazingly creative photographer, so I was soo excited {and nervous!} to capture a night in the life of her and her darling son, Andy.  Seriously, Andy is probably the cutest (but I think I have to say “coolest” after the age of 6) thing I have ever seen.  During our session she told me that he decides exactly how he wants his hair and nearly begged his mom for those suspenders that he wears everyday.  I was dying.  Not to mention the kid has an amazing taste in music.  Like really amazing.
I had kind of explained to Corey my idea for the shoot and she was right on board.  Down to do whatever — my dream client.  I just kinda said “I’ll just come over and hang out with you and Andy and we’ll go from there.”  When I arrived at her darling little house on a Tuesday evening, she and Andy were in the middle of a {vintage} game of monopoly.  How fun is that?  I could have died and gone to heaven.  I got out my camera and snapped away.
I had such a fun night hanging out with these two.  It’s not hard to see that they’re a pretty fun little pair.  We made some yummy brownies and finished the night off by cruisin’ Andy’s music collection.

Don’t you wish your friends were as cool as mine? 🙂

xo- C