Me and Haley first met on a message board when I was first pregnant with Harlo and she with Finnley.
I had just surprisingly found out I was pregnant with Harlo and was trying to figure out when I was due when I stumbled upon the message boards. I noticed Haley pretty quick because she had a wedding picture in her signature and I noticed the date was a week after my wedding day. We became quick friends and stayed in pretty good contact through the boards. When the babies were born (just 12 days apart) we moved from the boards to facebook. When I found out I was pregnant with Stella, Haley quickly was surprised by another pregnancy as well and we helped each other along both planning natural births and started talking to each other all day everyday when we were the only ones who could relate to each other with all the pregnancy stuff that no one else can relate to. (like, “if my midwife tells me I’m dilated to a 2 one more time I may seriously just punch her.”) We delivered those babies, Stella and Oliver, 7 days apart. We couldn’t have planned it better if we had tried. Our lives are seriously freakishly similar. Down to us both having 3 sisters and no brothers. I’m truthful when I say that Haley knows me better than probably any other person. I was so excited when we started planning her trip to Utah. I would finally meet my best friend in person… kinda a funny thing.
From the second we saw Haley and the boys it was an absolute blast. I got to hear Finnley’s cute voice that I had heard so much about and squish on Ollie’s deliciously-chunky thighs.. She got to see Harlo in all her celebrified-self and snuggle with my sweet Stelly. It was pure bliss. We had so much fun the whole week doing absolutely anything we wanted to (well, I guess whatever we could do with 2 two year olds and 2 eight month olds). The kids got along amazingly well, Haley and I never stopped talking and laughing.. it could not have gone better. Saying goodbye was seriously tough. Harlo still asks for Finn everyday. We just loved those Sprawka’s! Haley has really saved me over the years. I don’t know how I would have done half of it without her!

See you soon, lovies!! Miss you madly-

the Millers

Photos of Haley and her boys will be posted soon on the Blog.