{March 3rd}
I love this little mug:
And everything goes IN the mouth…
(about 2 minutes after this session I was fishing the top of the 7 out of her mouth!)
I’ve always been obsessed with her cutest little profile:

Constantly grabbing her toes.

SEVEN months.
My goodness…
My little Stelly is becoming QUITE the mama’s girl.
She loves her daddy, she’ll laugh and smile and squeal and talk to him..
But if he acts like he’s coming to take her from mama..
She’ll have none of it.
I have to admit that I LOVE this.
I’ve never experienced being the “favorite”
I love that she loves me the most, and I don’t care how immature that sounds. 🙂
Although, Harlo may have the real favorite spot.
She’s obsessed with that girl.
She will laugh at everything Harlo does.
She is definitely finding her voice in the family.
Remember those days where she would just sit quietly and entertain herself, never make a peep, never cry, couldn’t set her down or she’d just put herself to sleep…
Yeah, those days are behind us.
She loves being the center of attention and demands it!
(And I appreciate a girl who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants!)
She is now eating 2-3 times a day, 4-5 oz at a time.
My little piglet.
She seems to be thinning out a bit and getting taller.
She is FINALLY able to wear Harlo’s hand-me-downs for the correct seasons.
I am so stoked!! I’ve waited 7 months for this.
She is wearing 9-12 month clothes.
Still has TEENY tiny feet, just outgrowing NB size.
They are so dang cute.
She seems to have my short little armies.
If she’s in long sleeves I ALWAYS have to roll the sleeves.
Never once had to with Harlo, I think she has Brady’s freakishly long arm span.
(Brady has the LONGEST arms ever and I’m so jealous. They come in handy all the time)
She is constantly rolling to get what she wants and has recently started scooting a bit.
She has started saying “hi!” when she sees me or Harlo first thing in the morning.
She semi-waves. (I count it as a wave) but she’ll try to mimick your hand waving.
She hasn’t quite figured out how to lift her arm and wave her fingers at the same time, but she’s getting closer.
She loves it! She’ll grin ear to ear when you wave to her.
She is just truly the cutest baby in the entire universe.
Some days I have to seriously pull myself away from her squishiness to get anything done.
She has stepped up the needy-ness for sure..
Last week I couldn’t set her down for a minute.
She has figured out that her bounceroo is to keep her busy for a minute and she’ll rarely have it.
Such a little bossy!
The only time I can lay her down without her starting to fuss is if Harlo will lay by her.
She will lay in Harlo’s crib with her for HOURS if we let her.
So funny.
This little newly independent woman has also decided she’s over morning naps.
Times are changin’ in the Miller house, I tell ya!
She gets SO tired at like 10-10:30, but there’s just too much going on at that time for her to settle down and go to sleep.
Most days I try to run a little errand at that time so she’ll take a cat-nap in the car and she’ll be good til Harlo’s naptime.
It’s a work in progress.. I’m going to have to figure something out.
She is a power-napper, too.
5 minutes to re-charge her batteries, and she’s a whole new woman.
She is still taking a good 2-3 (sometimes 4) hour nap when Harlo does if I map it out just so..
Although she’s up in the nick of time for me to start making dinner, which has become her favorite past time.
Hers, not mine.
She is so fascinated by all the cooking, reaching and grabbing at everything..
Such a busy little bee, I have.
Makes cooking next to impossible.
She still just thinks it’s hilarious when I tell her to say “mama” or “dada”
Harlo and Brady are constantly trying to tell her “DA-DA-DA-DA-“
(thanks a lot, Harlo! 😉
I’m always telling her “MA-MA-MA-MA”
I’m pretty sure she just thinks we’re crazy by now.
She will say “ba-ba” for baby and “hi” and how sweet is that?
I’ll take it.
I’m sure having a chatty big sister that will get her EVERYTHING she wants,
Stella will not need to learn to talk for quite a while.
She is not a night-owl.
7:30 rolls around and she’s ready for bed.
It’s all we can do to keep her up til 8.
She basically dives into her crib from my arms every night, rolls over and we never hear a peep again.
I am a very blessed mother to have such good sleepers by no effort of my own.
She’ll wake up now at 7:30 or 8 but she’s good to hang in bed til whenever.
IF she wakes up in the night, she’ll kick and wiggle when she’s done eating until I take her back to her crib.
How do I have TWO children who will NOT sleep with us?
I left her for the first time over night this last month.. TWICE!
Don’t know how I survived that.
First with Brady for a super quick over-nighter girl’s trip,
Second this weekend with Auntie for a little getaway (more on that later)< br />It was just for on night, but goodness! It was rough.
I am happy to announce that she took a bottle perfectly while I was away, but was very excited to have her mama (and no bottles) back. So was I! whew.
One thing is for absolutely positive,
We are all totally and completely smitten with this little lady.