{Loved these images I got of Harlo yesterday. Probably some of my favorite ones yet. SO her.}

Two years? or Teen years?
It’s sometimes hard to tell these days.
She LOVES to shop.
She used to just be obsessed with the shoes, kicking hers right off when we walked through the door,
but now she also enjoys looking through the clothes.
The whole time she says,
“Oh my gosh, mom! That’s so cute! Oh my gosh!!”
(In her valley-girlest tone)
Her other new thing is “oh my gosh” about everything.
When you ask her a question about anything, she says “hm”.
It mostly means yes, but it sometimes means no, depending on how it’s said. 🙂
Her favorite Blanky is “Birthday cake blanky” (a strawberry shortcake blanky she got for her birthday, very smart, my girl.) and ladybugs (ladybug one she got for her first birthday)
If one of those two are unavailble, ie: in the washer, she’ll settle for “circle blanky” which is brown with pink funky semi-circular designs on it. ha.
The rest are all blanky 2, and she still sleeps with each one.
I have to hoard Stella’s blankies so they don’t pulled into the clan and claimed by Harlo.
It’s happened.
She’s back on a yo-gabba streak.
She sings along to almost all the songs and today I noticed she memorized the lines AND facial expressions from “new friends” with Jack Black, which is her favorite.
She knows that throwing a fit warrants a time-out and will usually go march herself there and sit down and throw a little tantrum and when she’s all done, she knows to just get up and join us.
(The rule is she can cry all she wants in time out and can come play when she’s finished)
She always comes out and says, “all done.”
it’s so cute, it breaks/melts my heart every time.
It’s weird she memorizes the routine, because she really has only had a small handfull of time outs.
She loves having important jobs like taking this or that to Daddy/Mama.
The other day, Brady forgot his ring so we took it to him, Harlo BEGGED to hold it and give it to Daddy, so I let her (he dropped it and it has a huge chip out of it and needs a new one anyway!) and she held on to it the entire way over and gave it to him as soon as he opened the door.
I was kind of in shock she didn’t forget about it and drop it or set it somewhere.
She’s taken a new interst in Papa.
Mostly she just wants to hear him sing or play his ‘Tar’.
She always wants to listen to his Ninadavo cd in the car and has to clap and say “yay papa!” after every song is over.
Funny how she switches off her top faves.
She’s also been loving Papa Charlie a lot lately, too.
She saw him the other day and Daddy’s work and ran to give him a huge and just patted his back and layed on his shouler for the longest time..
It was so sweet, like she’d missed him.
She got her first ouchie hair pull from Stella yesterday.
Poor girl was just trying to give her a kiss when Stelly grabbed and yanked.
I felt so bad.
Who would have thought our first sibling rivalry would be brought on by the baby?
No.. Harlo understood it was an accident (I hope, at least) and hasn’t seemed to hold a grudge.
She has a new interst in picking out her own clothes and pajamas.
For pajamas, she always wants to wear my old t-shirts that I tie at the neck.
She calls them her beautiful dresses.
For clothes, she always picks different things and actually has pretty good taste.
Almost always wants a dress.
Shoes, she’s particular about, but she’ll usually wear anything if I tell her Auntie or Kelsee has a pair just like them.
When I buy shoes I have to give them to Ali to give to her so she’ll wear them.
Such a stink.
She will sometimes call me “Cass” or “Cassidy” and she actually pronounces my name really clearly and has for quite a while.
She’ll usually do it more when her cousins are around calling me by my name,
But she also does it to be funny sometimes.
She never calls Daddy, Brady.
In fact, she said “Hi Brade” today after I did, then corrected herself by saying “Hi, Dad!”
She has her own way of saying things that now we’ve all (me, brady and ali) have picked up on.
Like, for “it’s so cute,” she always says “i-si-cewt”
Or when she can’t figure something out she says “iss too harrrd”
When she needs help she says “daddy, help you.” like a statement, not a question.
She almost always talks about herself in the 3rd person.
She’ll always say “Harlo’s turn” or “Harlo do it” or “Harlo wants a bite!”
She is constantly trying to show Stella things.
Stella hasn’t figured out to look where you point yet, so Harlo gets a little frustrated with her.
I have to help before Harlo is physically making Stella look in a certain direction.
When she asks for her hair “like mama’s” she wants
a messy bun.
She loves the doterra oils (still calls “rainbows”, still don’t know why) and makes sure we all have them on everyday.
She loves holding deoderant or “smells” and just sniffing away.
She likes to try to hold things in her shirt. Usually small toys or wipes.
She’s weird about her belly showing,
If her shirt rides up she immediately pulls it down saying “belly!”
She’s OBSESSED with bubbles.
Anyone who comes over, she’s leading them right to the bubbles.
I hate when I have to get something done,
I could really sit and blow bubbles with her all day.
After every one, she says “yay mama! Good job!”
She also likes to play “catch”
She takes a step closer to you everytime she goes to throw it.
She hasn’t really caught on that distance is key.
She’s actually pretty good at catching.
Not too bad at throwing though, either.
She always says, “mommy, I scared of the dark”, but she really has no idea what that means.
If anything sort of scary or nervous sounding happens she says “I scared of the dark.”
I’m sure Brady taught her, but he swears he didn’t.
She likes brushing her teeth and is actually really good about letting me do it.
Her favorite food remains to be oatmeal, but this week she’s asked for “grapes” (blueberries) in it.
She woke up a few morning last week with a super low fever but that’s the only symptom.
She did the same thing last month when her bottom molars came through, so I assumed it was probably the tops coming in, but she has been fine this week.
She has really been such a good girl the last little while.
(hope I’m not jinxing myself, here)
We thought she was having night terrors a few weeks ago when she’d wake up in the night in a panicked scream, but she wasn’t really awake.
We’d just go in and kinda wake her up and say to go ni-night and she’d go right back down.
I don’t really know what it’s about, but she hasn’t done it for a little while.
I hate it everytime.
BUT, one night Brady went in there and she asked for Mama which NEVER ever happens, when I went in she wanted me to hold her for about 2 seconds then she wanted back in her bed and layed down and went to sleep.
So cute, I almost peed my pants.
She never wants Mama over Daddy!
I have noticed, though that she’s not SO whiney about “I want daddy!” lately.
She still always wants him to read to her, change her, get her out of the car, though.
That’s okay, but I take what I can get.
Stelly is a super mama’s girl now, so I’m getting enough love. 🙂
At the end of the day I have a laundry list of hilarious things she says.
I totally love this stage.