Along with turning six months, Stella has started eating real live solid foods. (as apposed to just rice cereal, which she’s been on for a little over a month) I didn’t really know when I wanted to start solids, funny how different I’ve done things from my first go-round. But when Stella started freaking out everytime we ate anything and trying to take bites of everything, I decided now is a good time.
When Harlo was a baby I made all her babyfood. She had been on jarred food for a really short time before I started making it myself and we stuck with it til the end. This time, I obviously couldn’t imagine it any other way. I don’t think I’ll give her jarred food at all. (at least that’s my goal.)

For her very first taste of real food, we decided to stick with tradition and go for the peas. I always do veggies first. After a few weeks we’ll start introducing fruits.

(Dont’ mind the mess, it was superbowl sunday.. we don’t normally have junk food laying all over the counters 😉

To my complete surprise… she LOVED it. Ate every last bit.
I definitely noticed a benefit to waiting a while to introduce solids until she was ready. Harlo didn’t really get the hang of bite, swallow, open for a few months.. Stella has gotten it from day one!
And along with the solid foods came sippy cups!
She is a champ, and it’s so cute to watch her drink because she just stares at the cup so it makes her cross eyed. How cute is that face?