I  had a BLAST with my first {EVER} GIVEAWAY.  It was a slow start, but the turn out was WAY more than I could have ever imagined.  I kept reading all the posts and thinking “oh, I hope she wins.  Okay, yeah, I hope they win.  Oh she was nice, I hope she wins…” to every person!! I PROMISE I didn’t cheat a bit.  After thinking of exactly how I would calculate the winner (you know they have all sorts of random number generators and computer-y things like that nowadays..) but decided to go totally old school (and valentines-y, might I add!) and jotted all the names down and drew out of a hat.  I ALMOST forgot to enter the amount of times each person entered, but I didn’t!  I made my Mr. Miller make sure there was no sneaky business going on and took photos of each step….

Names all entered…  

Gave her a few good shakes

Tada!(don’t mind my horrible need of a manicure!)
Congratulations to {MELINDA}!!  Email me right away to book your session 🙂

And since I am a fan of contests where everyone wins a little somethin’-somethin’…
Everyone who entered the contest will receive $50 off your next session!!  Email me to book a date.