Been window shopping today and dreaming of a perfect 22nd birthday. I spent my 21st birthday at my grandmother’s funeral up in cold, snowy SLC, 20 weeks pregnant with a newly one year old on my hip. It was an… odd birthday to say the least. Here’s to hoping this one will be full of sunshine, friends, two little ladies and a husband I can smooch on to my heart’s content.

…And a few of these little sussies wouldn’t hurt either 😉
An H and S charm from HERE… these are a new design and I LOVE.
These rose earrings I’ve been coveting for a LONG time
Honeydew I Do
This 2″ curling iron would make my life a smidgen easier some days.
Hot Tools -Supertool 2
Basically anything from HERE. I love them all, especially this one and this and this one.
Some white curtain panels for the windows in my kitchen would brighten up the place a bit, don’t you think?
Some fun new pillows for my couch would be amazing. like this one or that one.
KAJSA TRÄD Cushion cover black, white Length: 26
Oh and some white frames, because can you ever have enough frames? I think not.
Oh birthday-window-shopping is fun while the girls nap.

When they wake up, it’s diapers, dishes, snack time, feed stella, watch elmo, “don’t put toys in your sister’s mouth!”, let Itty outside, go for a walk, grocery store, valentines decorations, daddy’s home, tubbies, jammies, snuggling & books… which, as it turns out, is about as much (and maybe more) fun.