I LOVE Saturdays.
I really, really love them.
It was nearly 70 degrees today, still in January!
Temperatures like that make me love living in the desert.
Anyway, Harlo is obsessed with bubbles and she got a bubble toy for her birthday from my sister. It’s a no-spill carrier thing that is actually genius. You can tip the thing up side down without it dripping. Harlo tried and tried to get those bubbles out of the wand, and eventually she’d get a few. Her face was so cute, though. I couldn’t stop snapping shots of her.
Stella, of course, just kicked back and enjoyed watching her sister.
My goodness I love these girls!

Harlo even tried to teach Stella how to blow bubbles.
(I hope this never, ever stops even though I know it inevitably will, but Harlo always includes Stella in what she’s doing. She always wants to show her, or teach her, or share with her… I just love it. She is such a sweet big sister.)

Stella gave up on bubble blowing lessons and decided to eat her feet instead…

Harlo stayed persistant. She finally got one tiny bubble out of it. 🙂