Tom and Karli are super good friends of mine and Brady’s.  Tom and Brady grew up across the street from eachother since the time they were really young, I became friends with Tom and his friends in middle school and through them (years later, oddly enough) I met Brady.  Karli and Tom started dating around the same time.  I was too far pregnant to do Tom and Karli’s engagements (delivering Stella only days later) but I was able to do her bridals and even though I had a six-week-old baby at the time, I did their wedding.  It was so fun to capture such a special time.  Tom and Karli have an amazing story and it was so fun to capture the final step of them spending their lives together.  They are truly perfect for eachother.  Their ceremony was so sweet.. here is a quick peak of their ceremony.  Full post to come soon!