This is the beautiful Sherman family.  Janae is my midwife, she delivered Miss Stella right here in the comfort of my own home!  She’s probably the most amazing woman I’ve ever met in my life.  Notice I say she IS my midwife, not she WAS my midwife, because I still talk to her on a weekly basis!  She’s become my friend, pediatrician, therapist, confidante.. she wears many hats!  I absolutely love this family.  We did these shots when I was still pregnant (and able to get around quick enough to take these photos) and it was a blast.  You can tell the Sherman’s are probably the coolest parents ever because when I asked Janae where their favorite place or thing to do was, her answer was easy;  “Skimmin’.”
I especially loved the shots I got of Janae and Liah.  Something about my midwife snuggling her babe that makes my heart smile. 🙂