Is it real that my baby is already two? I just can’t keep up, it seems. I know I’m always saying that, but geez! Do your kids grow up as fast as mine do???

Harlo had SUCH an amazing birthday. It was absolutely crammed-full with people who love and adore her, rainbow things everywhere, balloons, her favorite foods/drinks… everything she wanted for the entire day (including m&ms!!) It was even better than I imagined it, and I’m sure better than she could have ever dreamed, as well.

{The Birthday Girl}
You can’t tell by the scowly face, but I promise she loved every minute of her special day!
proof that I let her have CANDY:
I could not believe how many people showed up to her party!
One of the top favorites, though is when her Birthday Twin stopped by for a quick visit!
Harlo’s guest of honor:

A very special part for me is that Leslie made her cake. Leslie made nearly all of my cakes for my birthdays when I was little so I was SOOOO thrilled when she agreed to make Harlo’s Rainbow Cake. It turned out AMAZING and it was just as delicious as I remembered 🙂
{Make a wish!}

{The Decor}
{The Guests}

Harlo with her famous/traditional “2” pizza. Couldn’t have a birthday without it!

Even the babies had a blast 🙂
Stella was loving Grandpa Harris all night.. & he was loving her right back!

Getting a good pic with the family is never easy.. add a gigantic red balloon and it’s nearly impossible:
Every year we write our birthday wishes for Harlo on the (remaining) balloons and send them off into the sky, this year was no different.
(You can obviously see which one daddy wished on.. nice daddy. 😉

Birthdays, to me, are one of the biggest perks of being a mom. A day where it’s all Harlo- all the time.. sign me up! Her 2nd birthday was absolutely amazing! I’m already looking forward to Stella’s (although I’m in NOOOOO rush.. they sneak up way too soon as it is!)
Simply said; I’m head-over-heels in love with this little lady. (and I’m not the only one!)