One of the cutest things about Harlo are her facial expressions:{all of these taken within seconds of eachother}
Harlo is so dang funny!
She is such goof ball,
and such a copy cat!
She LOVES to copy Auntie with anything she does,
she laughs like auntie,
talks like auntie,
holds her hands like auntie does…
She definitely loves her auntie!
She also loves “NEEEENA!”
I think she loves the name “Nina” because she says it non-stop.
She gets us laughing until we’re crying on a daily basis.
We all know she’s the best big sister ever,
She is SO sweet and so tender with Stella.
Absolutely melts my heart.
She’s starting to pick up on things I say to Stella as well,
The other day I was rocking&reading to Harlo and Stel was getting fussy,
Harlo was saying “Stel, shh-shh-shh
Stella was just getting more worked up and Harlo says “Stel! HODE ON!!”
Stella also hates(?) the car sometimes and when she cries Harlo tells her,
“Yerr-okay, yerr-okay” (you’re okay, you’re okay)
Speaking of “Yerr-okay”
Last week Harlo was havin’ a rough night,
I was saying “Harlo, we don’t act this way”
to which she replied, “mom! say ‘yerr-okay, yerr-okay’ to me!”
So I did, and she just changed her tune.
All she needed, I guess.
She’s loves her cousins, “Kessee” and “Muh-Cee”
My sister-in-law hasn’t been watching her anymore, but we still have to get our girls together a couple times a week. (Per their request.. that’s all they talk about is eachother)
Kelsee is such a crack up!
The other day we were at Nana’s house and Harlo was buggin’ Kels so I said “Harlo, are you obnoxious?” and Kelsee goes, “yeah! her is!” totally smiling and giggling about it.
I said “But do you like her?” She says “haha-yeah” (cheesiest smile you ever did see)
I said “even when she’s so obnoxious?” and Kelsee says “yeah.. her my best friend.”
They are so funny together. Just little pals.
Our cute little friend Megan has been watching her in the mornings for me.
Harlo loves her, and Megan and her whole family loves Harlo!
We have been so lucky finding people to watch Harlo who love her and take such good care of her.
makes having to leave her for work just a smidge easier.
Yesterday Megan taught Harlo how to play the Wii and now Harlo wont stop talking about it.
Guess there’s an idea for christmas…
Papa Charlie got Harlo a cd called “Harlo’s 50 silly songs”
Her FAVORITE song is “app-banana song!”
Her favorite part is the ite, ite, ite, Ipples and BanInIs
She wants to listen to it ever second we’re in the car.
You’re not a parent until you’ve listened to “Apeles and Banaenaes” in the car on repeat for 2 weeks
Just sayin’.
Thanks, Papa 😉
Last night at dinner at Pancho’s, when her food got there she suddenly folded her arms, closed her eyes and started mumbling a little prayer to herself.
How cute is that?? I was so proud.
Somedays she eats enough for a small army,
other days she eats hardly anything.
She ALWAYS eats good for breakfast, though.
Typical toddler diet, I guess.
She’s hooked on Vitamin C.
She goes to the cupboard all the time to ask for a “vi-a-min”
She can only have 1 a day, but it’s the highlight!
Love that my big girl doesn’t know to ask for Candy, but thinks Vitamin C is a treat 😉
She loves french fries,
if she sees them around, she wont eat much else.
Needless to say, we limit how often we order fries…
I’ve mentioned before that she can NOT for the life of her get 1,2,3 in the right order..
Well last night she suddenly said “1,2,3,4,5” over and over.
She’ll either say 1,2,3,4,5 OR 6,7,8,9,10 so I don’t think it quite counts as counting to 10.
If you ask her how old she is, she holds up “two”
although, it’s her pointer and thumb 🙂
She is just suc
h a big girl and we’re so blessed to have her.
I still just can’t believe she’s mine.