We love the rodeo. We noticed while we were there this year that the first year we went we were just dating, the 2nd year I was 8 months pregnant with Harlo, 3rd year we were a family of 3 with our little 9 month old bundle and this year, our 4th year together we are a (very content) family of 4. Don’t get any ideas for year #5 though.. we’re giving someone else a turn on the baby train.
They are cute though…

Addi stopped by for a bit and Harlo was so glad (but she still couldn’t take her eyes away from the horsies!)
Stella-Bella enjoyed herself very much, slung around her mama.

Auntie had a fabulous time as well.

We could not have even guessed how much Harlo would have loved the rodeo, we stayed for (almost) the whole thing. She loved the muttin bustin best, she’s still talking about the lambies!

And if you’re wondering if me and the Mister had a good time, well we did.