2 months just snuck right up on us!

She is now 11 lbs 4 oz of perfection, her thighs are absolutely scrumptious!

She’s definitely the prettiest 2 month old around.

Stella is such a sweet baby!
There is really no other word to describe her.
She is so smiley!
I can’t look at her while she eats or she’ll smile so big and lose her latch.
She loves to talk,
She coo’s and goo’s all the time.
Especially with Daddy, they have long heartfelt chats.
She’s having mixed emotions about the car,
She’s fine as long as mommy rides in back with her.
Sometimes, though, she’s just a perfect angel in the car…
I haven’t decided if she hates it for sure, or not.
She lets me squish, and kiss and lovey her all day long.
She goes to work with me and hangs out in my sling all morning long,
never makes a peep!
She is such a fabulous sleeper,
about 50% of days she sleeps through the night,
the other 50% she wakes between 4:30-6:30 to eat and goes right back down.
She is a snuggle-sue and loves her mama.
(which I have to admit, I LOVE me a mama’s girl)
She has the poutiest lip you’ve ever seen and she knows how to work it!
Especially for Daddy.
She loves her Papa and doesn’t mind being used as the “puppet” for his little shows for Harlo.
Harlo loves it!
She falls asleep on her own, I just wrap her up and lay her down and she’s good to go.
She usually wakes up around 7:30 (later on weekends when we don’t have to be up for work)
She eats about every 2 hours, sometimes more sometimes less
She still sleeps between every feeding but takes a good long nap during Harlo’s nap everyday.
Which leaves me bored and along for a few hours
(not really, there’s plenty to do!)
But I always try to get them to nap separately so I get 1-on-1 time with each of them.
Funny thing is, if I’m ever without Stella, Harlo thinks something’s wrong and that I need to get her asap.
It’s so funny to think I used to stress about bring another baby into this house,
Stella has made our life so much sweeter.
so much richer.
so much more fabulous!
We just absolutely love this little lady.