Could it be my almost-two-year-old is getting… nicer?

Maybe not, but she’s definitely getting more friendly!
Or maybe she just has good taste in men? Either way, we’re thrilled she’s not crying when men look at her.

Naughty, nice, naughty, nice.
We’re not sure which one we are these days.
Some days she’s so wonderfully nice and helpful,
She snuggles me, kisses Stella, plays with Itty..
then one second later she’s sneakily pulling hair, taking Itty’s toys and trying to step on my toes.
Ups and Downs included.. I get a kick outta this girl!
She loves to color and ALWAYS stays on the paper.
But sometimes the “paper” is books, pictures, important documents…
She gets the general idea, so that’s good, eh?
She will repeat WHATEVER you tell her to say.
This is the funnest game of my life.
Her favorite word right now is “Jeethuth” (Jesus)
She says it randomly all the time.
She’s leanred to talk cheesey-baby-talk to Stella.
She’ll talk jibber-jab in the highest pitch voice you’ve ever heard.
Stella loves it.
Throughout the day she’ll say “STAY-UL(‘Stel’ with a drawl) with the cheesiest grin.
love it!
If Stella snorts or makes any noise, Harlo says “GOODNETH!”
And when anyone sneezes she says “Bless Me!”
She loves to have conversations in the car.
She wants me to look at her while she tells me story after story.
Some words I can make out, some words I cannot.
She’s to the stage where she tells me something and knows exactly what she’s saying.
But I have no idea.
She repeats it exactly as she said it the first time.
Sometimes I can figure it out, sometimes… I cannot.
She knows colors really without thinking.
We’re working on shapes now.
She always knows Heart, Triangle and Star.
She usually gets Circle, Square, Oval and Pentagon (don’t ask)
She never usually gets rectangle, or cresent.
She now says “Back and forth” correctly.
It started out as “back and back”, then evolved to “rock-a-bye” and now she’s got it.
(out of her Love You Forever book)
She’s getting more mischevious by the day,
Smarter by the day,
Cuter by the day,
Sassier by the day…
If this is what 2 is like,
Bring it!