on October 5th (2 months and 2 days old), my darling baby started doing this:

Just like that, easy as pie.
We were coming up on her 2 months appointment (which BTW she was 11 lbs 10.5 oz at… I’m sure she’s well over 12 lbs by now!) I remembered Dr. Marsden asks about tummy time, which I had not yet even thought to do with our little lady. So, wondering how she would do, I set her down on her tummy on our bed. She flipped right over. I flipped her over thinking maybe since I was sitting on the bed it was slanted and just tipped her over, so I got up and she did it right again. Hmmm.. I decided to put her on the floor to see if that’s really what it was, She flipped again! I was dying, I had Brady grab the camera and she performed perfectly so we could get it on film. I couldn’t believe it (and neither could Dr. Marsden) I sort of thought it was just a fluke thing, but everytime I put her down since, she flips right on her back like it ain’t no thang. What… an amazing child 🙂
Dr. Marsden was SOOO surprised by her body development, first for the rolling over how she is, and also because he said she has the head control of a 5 month old. He pulled her up to the sitting position by her arms and her head just stayed put, no wobbling at all. He sat her there for a minute and she just looked around, turning to the right and left without a problem. He couldn’t believe it. I love that my baby is so healthy and strong but I sure wish she could slow down a bit. I’m trying to savour every second of it!