Someone please tell me that time is going to start slowing down really soon.
Miss Stella Johann is ONE MONTH OLD!
Even though she was born 5 minutes ago.. weird.
I’m sure you’ve caught the drift on how much we just love, love, LOVE her and here are some more reasons why:
Her little wrinkly newborn skin is filling up with some chub.
She is a fantastic eater, this little piglet of mine.
She rarely ever cries, but she lets out one loud squak right before she’s going to fall asleep.
She really likes me to hold her all the time.
She also really likes to snuggle with me in my bed, which I only will let her do if it’s past 6:00am.
She really likes me.
She doesn’t love when her sister cries.
But she doesn’t seem to mind when in the mornings as she’s sleeping so peacefully, Harlo will run up to her bassinet and excitedly squeal “STELLA SLEEPING!” after which Stella is no longer sleeping… she doesn’t even mind that.
She does not appreciate being touched with cold hands
or when you walk into a room and flip on the bright lights.
She also does not appreciate being stopped in the car for too long of a time.
She takes her binky okay, but isn’t really in love with it.
She has a double chin that grows by the day- it even hangs over her seatbelt straps. love!
She has 2 rolls at the very tops of her leggies that are also growing by the day.
She still likes to sleep a lot.
Her most awake time is after Harlo goes to bed- go figure.
from about 8:30 to 11pm she just likes to eat. eat. eat. and snuggle.
And I let her because she’s just so scrumptious!
She usually falls asleep for good around 10:30 or 11:00 and on a good night she sleeps until about 6, then she can snuggle in my bed and she usually sleeps in until 10:30
(or of course until Harlo pronounces her “SLEEPIN” before that.)
She loves when her Daddy talks to her,
she can hear him from a mile away, I swear.
If she gets mad in the car, she usually will calm right down when Harlo tells her “Stella! It’s okay! Stella, no cry-in'” (in her softest high voice she can manage)
She had her first bottle last week and was a little champ about it.
She actually had to be bottle-fed for a whole 24 hours after I got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. I was so nervous she wouldnt’ go back to nursing, but she did!
She was happy about it too.
She smiles a little bit now.
Her first smile she was exactly 3 weeks, since then we’ve seen a few more.
She was smilin’ up a storm for Gram on Thursday though.. we haven’t been able to get her to smile like that again.
Everytime she poops (which is about every 2 days) it’s a blow-out.
I haven’t really tried to get her onto a routine or schedule, just feed her when she’s hungry, hold her when she wants to be held, let her sleep when she’s tired… funny thing is she’s caught onto a little routine of her own. I always tried so hard to time everything out with Harlo, but with Stella I’m just taking it as it comes but I think it’s working better.
She never acts the slightest bit annoyed when Harlo wants to hold her (then pass her back, no hold her, now pass her back) She just rolls with it.
I’ve gone back to work and I just keep her in my sling all day and you’d barely even know she’s there.
Such a good girl!