This girl sure loves her Auntie. She is obsessed with Ali’s car. Everytime she sees it, she immediately starts saying “go?” and heading for the door.

If Harlo had to choose between Auntie or Mommy… Sorry Mommy, Auntie.
She is such a chatter-box these days.
She is constantly telling us stories, full of drama and hand motions for emphasis!
She loves to read books.
She loves to read books by herself.
She usually flips through the pages reading’, “Daddy, book. Mommy, book. Kitty, book…”
Her favorite seat in the house is the carseat. The baby’s carseat.
If she ever gets stuck, a shoe, a finger, a hand she’ll say “owie!”
Even if she is not really stuck, like she purposely put her hand in the VCR and can easily pull it out.
She loves buckling herself in the car. “buckle?” as soon as we get in and “buckle?” as soon as the car stops.
She loves walking by herself to the car, and is so proud when she finds the right door to get in.
She loves my boss, “Uncle Wichie” (Richard)
I just bought her a fabulous pair of sunglasses and she insists on wearing them all the time. As soon as we’re getting ready to leave the house, “Glassie?” and comes to me so I can put them on her face.
She loves to sing. She is constantly singing her own little tunes with her own little words. Love!
She seems to understand the whole “baby sister” situation really well.
Of course, I’m not sure how much it all makes sense in her own little mind, but any baby thing we see, strollers, highchairs, clothes, an ultrasound picture, a newborn, my belly… she asks if it’s for our baby.
She is a dancing queen! She has the best dance moves ever… whether she’s in her carseat or on her feet, she’s a dancin’ machine and she’s got style!
She is just getting so big.
The thought of her being a baby sister in a few short weeks makes me cry.
How did she get so big???
She was my baby 5 minutes ago.