Happy Birthday to one very special daddy…
(One who spends his birthday putting a dresser together for his new baby girl)
With help, of course!

To a daddy who even lets Harlo use his foot as a very fancy seat!

Us Miller girls have become very, very fond of this guy. Here are a few reasons we just can’t get enough of Mr. Miller:

  1. He is very handsome! (let’s get the obvious ones over with)
  2. He is extremely smart, if you’re having troubles with anything that plugs in (and some things that dont) Brady is your guy!
  3. He is handy around the house! (note above pictures)
  4. He is the best garbage-taker-outer and gas-filler-upper around. (and almost never has be be asked twice to do it!)
  5. He can hear a computer from a mile away. Seriously.
  6. He can’t sleep if a computer is on in the house because “it keeps him up all night!”
  7. He really likes baby girls and all the accessories that come with.
  8. He takes a picture of the sunset almost every night.
  9. He loves rainy days.
  10. His favorite time of year is “when the fireworks tents are around town”
  11. He always has to know how something works, if he doesn’t know.. he’ll find out!
  12. He is very cautious.
  13. He hardly gets bothered by anything.
  14. He enjoys my “pregnant lady lumps” (and I’ll be honest.. there’s lots of lumps to love 😉
  15. His favorite drink is coke, but sometimes for some reason he gets Mountain Dew at work.
  16. He is very patient.. most of the time.
  17. He always drives no matter what, even if I’m already in the driver side and we’re just running to grab a coke.
  18. He is a very fabulous (and honest!) business owner and loves what he does.
  19. He’s not your typical romantic, but he IS romantic in a different way.. like he makes me a bowl of captain crunch every single night and brings it to me in bed. He even takes my bowl back to the kitchen!
  20. You wouldn’t think of him as “the class clown” but he busts out some of the funniest one-liners ever.
  21. He gets Harlo out of her crib every morning and makes her breakfast.
  22. His favorite person to hang out with is Harlo. Hands down.
  23. He loves going golfing, but hardly ever goes. What a little angel!
  24. Whenever he feels our baby move he always wants to know exactly what she’s doing. (like I know?)
  25. He is very picky about what he wears. Like, ridiculously picky.
  26. He loves bubble gum ice cream with gummy bears.
  27. He loves the beach.
  28. He loves thunder and lightening. He’s SO fascinated by it.
  29. He likes to look up the radars and predict the weather. Makes his day when the weather man is wrong and he was right. 🙂
  30. His favorite dinner I make is Shepherds Pie.
  31. His favorite thing his mama makes is french toast.
  32. He eats McDonalds breakfast way too much.
  33. He loves his iPhone, but he’s secretly ashamed because he hates Apple.
  34. Whenever I have a contraction (now in the 38th week of my pregnancy) he gets a panicked look on his face. It’s almost like he didn’t realize this baby is actually going to come out some day.
  35. If he forgets his wedding ring on the counter he will drive all the way back home just to get it, or if I’m home he’ll call me to see if I can bring it to him. Isn’t that cute?
  36. He enjoys the simple things in life which I just love about him.
  37. From day one he has gotten up in the night with Harlo with me. Even while I was nursing, he would at least get up and get her and take her back to bed.
  38. He makes the best breakfast burritos in the universe!
  39. He is the hardest person in the world to stay mad at. Believe me. I’ve tried!
  40. He tells everyone and their damn dog that we’ve having a home birth.
  41. It is the cutest/funniest thing ever to hear Brady explain home birth to his buddies. haha
  42. He has never missed a doctors appointment for Harlo.
  43. He goes grocery shopping with me every single time. I literally have never been alone.
  44. He’s never missed a birthing class and only missed a FEW midwives appointments, but usually it’s to watch Harlo while I’m gone.
  45. He gives Harlo a tubby every night.
  46. Hall & Oats, Prince or Sadé is probably his favorite music of all time. Seriously.
  47. He makes a mean batch of Ramen Noodles.
  48. He loves watching Bravo shows with me, although he would probably never admit it.
  49. He is the very best Daddy in the whole world. My girls are so lucky!
  50. He is the very best husband in the whole world. I can honestly not imagine spending my life with any other man.

Love you, Babe. Happy 26th!