I still have just a few things to get done in here like stuff on the shelves, a rug, different curtains will be hung but for the most part.. the nursery is finished 🙂 The clothes are all washed and tucked nicely into the drawers, the blankets are folded, the diapers are stacked to perfection… we are ready for this baby! Too bad she’s not quite ready for us. I think she’s scared of the 115 degree weather. I would be too! I would probably choose a temperature-regulated, squishy water bed to be carried around in all day too! This girl is smart.

This is Harlo’s favorite part of the entire room. She LOVES the baby’s room, she always wants to play in here. When we hung the bird mobile, it was just madness! She is obsessed. Right when she wakes up in the morning she’ll say “teet-teet!” and rushes in to see the birdies. We are swiftly making one for her room as well!