On June 10th (8 days before her 18 month old b-day!) Harlo started walking! I am more than thrilled! As much as I was confident that Harlo would walk in her own time, and knowing that she could walk and just wouldn’t walk until she was good and ready, I must admit I was starting to get nervous that I would be carrying around 2 baby girls everywhere with me. The more we tried, the more she insisted on sitting. We would say “Do you want to walk?” and she would immediatley reply “No!” and sit down on her bottom. For MONTHS though, she loves walking and holding onto one finger of mine, so I know it wasn’t that she couldn’t do it… such a stubborn little thing!
Well, we went out to eat at Panchos and Lefty’s and she was sitting on my lap and wanted Auntie (who was across the table at the other end from us). Well I stood her up on the table thinking we would pass her along and she just all the sudden took off. We were moving plates out of her way and she just kept going. She got to Auntie and being very proud of herself, turned and came back to us and did that a few times. When we set her on the ground, she stopped. Well I had figured out she didn’t like us making a big fuss about the walking and being put on the spot, so we got home, I put on her jammies, got her off the changing table and just set her down standing up and walked off. She just followed me to the living room like no big deal! For a few days she still wanted to push her baby stroller, so the weekend I put it in the other room so it was out of sight out of mind and she just took off. It’s funny because she was never very stumbly like most babies first few days of walking. She basically had it down from all the practice. Such a funny little lady. Now she’s all ready for her baby sister!