{Vegas Weekend 04’10}

These pictures were from last month when we went to visit our friends Clay and Chelsey. Harlo refused to sleep the ENTIRE time we were there, but she loved playing with Chloe. This was just before we went home and we all looked a little pooped!

  • She loves her signing time DVDs and she tries to mimick every sign they do.
  • She talks with her hands, especially when she’s on the phone.
  • When I squish her legs she does this totally fake scream thing that is really just to humor me. It’s so funny. Like she knows it’s what I’m hoping for.
  • She puckers her lips for kisses now.
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear is her favorite book. She loves telling me what all the animals say.
  • She constantly dances in the car. She wobbles her head in a circle and puts her hands in the air.. it’s her signature dance move.
  • She just found out how to yell to us from the other room. As soon as I’m out of site she’ll yell “mama!” or if Brady’s in the other room “Daddy!” and if she thinks she’s really funny she’ll yell “Della!” then burst into laughter. (she also does this with Itty and Mow)
  • Her front teeth are finally big enough to show in her smile. love this!
  • She likes to answer my questions. Sometimes the answers make sense, sometimes they don’t. Today we were looking at her baby pictures and I said “Harlo, what do you think our baby will look like?” and without skipping a beat, she says “like Daddy.”
  • Her newborn picture is on the bathroom counter and she likes to rock it in her arms while I brush her teeth.
  • She calls Brady’s jeep “the beep”
  • She always wants us to read books to her “a…. book!” she’ll say.
  • She thinks every single red car on the road is Nana.
  • She is absolutely obsessed with anything Elmo. I found her a little plastic elmo figurine and she carries it EVERYWHERE with her. We all have to kiss Elmo goodnight, and good morning. He is constantly attatched to her hand. On one Elmo’s world we have recorded, there is a big purple wolf (the wild animal episode) and she is absolutely terrified of it. It’s so sad, but so cute. She goes into an all-out panic when he comes on the screen.
  • Her hair continues to grow like a weed!
  • She is just so, so darling! She has such a goofy, bubbly personality and she’s so fun. We just love her to pieces!