{Thirty-One Weeks}
Feeling very LARGE.
The whole top of my belly feels like it’s bruised on the inside from all the kicks it’s taken.
My right ribs will never be the same.
I feel little elbows poke out (which I LOVE) mostly on my left side by my hip.
I feel little heels and knees on my right side up closer to my ribs (or IN my ribs).
Rolling out of bed can hardly be done without assistance.
Rather than focusing on all the negatives of pregnancy, I like to focus on the positives:
SO much easier to eat cereal in bed (everynight) when you have a belly to rest your bowl on, I don’t even have to lean forward at all, I just stay in my reclined position and enjoy my built-in TV tray.
Extra support for Harlo when I sit her on the counter to do her hair. I know she’s not going anywhere with the belly securing her back.
This belly catches virtually everything I drop from my mouth.
Harlo enjoys playing peek-a-boo with my belly, which is fine when we’re at home.. not so much when we’re out at a public restaurant.
It acts as my built-in alarm clock. Every morning at about 7:30 she’ll start moving around in there, which is hard to ignore with an already squished, completely full bladder.
My midwife appointments are every 2 weeks now.
I hope these last 8 weeks go by as fast as the rest of my pregnancy has gone.
I am hoping to get the nursery set up this weekend, it’s been quite a nightmare so far.