This little lady is getting extremely independent.
Her favorite things to do these days are brush her teeth, feed herself with a fork and picking out her clothes.
She is as sweet and sassy as can be! Sometimes she’ll come up and pull my hair for no reason, others she’ll come throw her arms around my neck and give me kisses. I just love this age!
She loves my boss “Uncle Richard” or “Wicha” as she calls him, it took her a good week or two to warm up, but now she barely leaves his side.. just as I’d predicted!
When I put her in the car, if it’s warm out, she’ll say “HHHHOT!” (poor lady will really see what “hot” is in the next few weeks when it’s over 100 degrees!)
She loves to listen to music in the car, if I forget to turn it on (even as we’re pulling out of our driveway) she’ll say “mommy!” and when I look back she’ll bounce her head like she’s dancing. We have favorite songs on the radio and as soon as they come on she’ll hurry and look at me with a big grin on her face. She loves John Mayer and everytime we hear it she’ll ask “that Papa?” I think she thinks any guitar she hears, it must be Papa.
She’s been standing on her own a lot more and loves holding our hands to walk. She walks with no support from us, but insists on holding a hand! Silly girl.
Each and everyday with Harlo is such a fun adventure. She’s my very best little pal and I feel so lucky that she’s mine.