Yesterday I pulled in the driveway from doing an engagement session to find a cute daddy blowing bubbles for a cute little girl. The whole scene just melted me.

  • I was just telling my sister yesterday that I felt like Harlo grew up this week! All the sudden she can do and say all these things that she never did before. She is so fun, and so silly. More of her personality shows through every single day. Her sense of humor has definitely taken a huge leap lately.
  • She is talking in sentences now. (or her version of a sentence) Instead of just saying “dada!” she’ll say “mommy, I uuhhnt dada” and when she wants a drink she’ll say “mommy, I drink it?” if Itty is chewing on a toy she’ll say “Itty eat it?”
  • She uses peoples names all the time, and thinks it’s really neat! If she knows your name, she’ll use it as many times as possible! Everything she says to me starts in “mommy…” (Showing me her babies, rather than just holding it up or saying “baby” she’ll say “mommy, baby?”)
  • She’s starting to tease us and laugh at her cartoons. Jungle Junction is her favorite right now and when they sing their “spin our wheels” song, she giggles every single time.
  • She is now big into dancing and dances everytime any sort of beat gets played.
  • She is NOT friendly to strangers, but it doesn’t take her too long to warm up. Once she’s warmed up she’ll cry when a new friend leaves and demands kisses and lovins every few minutes.