Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I was POSITIVE I was having a boy. It just felt different this time. With Harlo I thought from the beginning it was a girl, so I’m pretty confident in my motherly intuition 🙂

Brady on the other hand, wanted another little girl. The first time we heard the baby’s heartbeat, it was 160 bpm, just the same as Harlo’s and from then on, he was CERTAIN it was a girl. For weeks now we’ve been having this battle. He’ll call it a “her” and I say “it’s not a her! don’t get used to that, I dont’ want you to be disappointed when we find out it’s a boy!” if I call it a “him” he says “There’s a chance it’s not a boy, don’t be too sure!” Then I posted a poll on my blog, and basically everyone voted girl. I got a few more boy votes in the last few days, so the end result was 9 votes girl, 4 votes boy. This morning I got up thinking “finallly! we get to confirm this baby is a boy!” Not that I wanted a boy, I just thought that was surely what it was! Well, we went in this morning and found out I was…


She is absolutely, 100%, without a doubt a GIRL! We are so thrilled we can barely stand it. I’m so very excited to have two little princess to dress alike and to watch their sisterly bond. Having only sisters myself, I think sisters are the most important part of life! I’m just so glad Harlo will get to experience that wonderful relationship. Motherly intuition is a wonderful, real thing… but you probably shouldn’t bet your life savings on it 🙂

2 little princesses for the Miller Household.. life couldn’t get any sweeter!