{Jan. 31, 10}

It’s been so nice we’ve been going to the park a lot lately. She LOVES the swing and will sit in it for hours if we let her.
Harlo has also just learned “no”. Anything we ask her, can I have a kiss? “no” shaking her head. Wanna get out? “no.” Want a drink? “no.”
She doesn’t actually know what “no” means, because usually she’ll say “no” and immediately do what you want her to do, so at least we have that. She also thinks it’s funny to say “no” when people try to hold her. Like Papa, she LOVES papa, always wants to see him, but when he reaches out his hands she laughingly says “no!” Such a little teaser.

Speaking of teaser… her new thing is to call Itty over to her and hold out her hand and then pretend Itty bites her! She’ll pull her hand back with a gasp and then tell Itty “no! no!” and hold her had up to me like she got an owie. If you’ve ever met Itty, you know she would NEVER bite Harlo. Just to be sure I’ve been keeping an eye on her. I think she learned it from our naughty cat, though. Mow bites when he plays, and Harlo enjoys telling him “no!”. What a stinker, I know it’s naughtyness, but I can’t help but get a kick out of it. She’s such a ham!