I hosted my very first thanksgiving this year and it was fabulous! We had steamed carrots, turkey, asparagus, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy.. all sorts of deliciousness! It turned out really well, it was small and simple but very fun. Harlo slept clear through dinner, which was actually kind of nice to eat in peace and not have her saying “mom!” with her hand held out for me to give her something every 2 seconds 🙂

Of course, when she woke up she enjoyed all thanksgiving had to offer. Auntie, Pops, and yummy food! All her faves.

This year I am more thankful than you could ever imagine. I have such a beautiful healthy family, I have the best sisters in the world… life really doesn’t get any sweeter than this.
And a very special thanks to these two special people:

You guys truly make my life worth living. ♥