I can’t believe I’ve carried my baby in my arms for as long as I carried her in my belly.
Harlo is such a fun baby, I swear it just keeps getting better.
She has been eating more “big people food” I usually just give her pieces of whatever we’re eating. She chews and chews and seems to like just about everything.
I now have to poor cheerios or snacks on her tray when I put her in her high chair because she knows what’s coming and will scream for food.
She is SO ticklish!
She laughs a lot more and thinks certain things are so funny, like if I keep my head facing her but move my eyes to the right or left and then back at her ?? This seems to be hilarious!

Brady went hunting last week for 3 days (he didn’t get anything, whew!) but she seems not to be SO obsessed with her Dad. Of course she still adores him, but she doesn’t try to fly out of my arms when he walks into the room. I think we had some good “mommy-daughter” bonding time. 🙂

She loves the kitty. She will play with it all day if she can. She shakes her toys at it and laughs hysterically when it bats it’s paw at them. The other day she had scratches all over her hand and she didn’t even make a peep! It makes me nervous, but I guess you let kids be kids?
I just love her, pure love. She honestly is my very best friend. We have so much fun together, I’m so glad I get to stay with her every minute of the day. I’m so blessed.