Harlo is doing so much more all the time.. I have a hard time keeping track! I’m hoping to get a new update once a week just to have everything documented. So here’s the first of many!

She got her first TWO bottom teeth last week… she was a really good teether, especially considering she got a little cold, but now things have seemed to mellow out a little bit. Her 2 little teefers are so cute. You can only really see them if she’s eating or screaming. =)

She can finally feed HERSELF puffs. It is so funny the little system she has down. She picks them up and shoves her entire hand in her mouth just to make sure she gets it in there.

She’s always loved bathtime, but now that she figured out she can suck the water out of washcloths, it took the love to a whole new level!

She says “Nana” (usually when I tell her we’re eating Bananas, but we like to think she’s actually referring to “nana ruth”:) “okay” and “Itty” along with “mama” “dada” “baba” … Her saying Itty is my favorite. Whenever Itty jumps up or comes into her sight she says “hi Itt-eh” *love*

She’s a TICKLE monster!! she is so ticklish around her legs and under her armies. I get her laughing until she’s hiccuping (which is everytime she laughs..) even pretending I’m going to tickle her.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I LOVE this stage. I swear it just keeps getting better! She is such a fun, happy, silly baby! And she’s cute! Here are some pictures I took of her today in our backyard.

Of course, the classic fake cough! love it.