We are SOOO excited to be in our new house! It was a much anticipated move… We were living in a tiny 2 bedroom condo that was very cute and cozy, but WAY too small for this growing family. It is so nice to have everything in it’s place and to get all settled in, finally! Harlo has loved her new room and loved having carpet! (our last house had wood floors throughout, which is nice… except when you have a baby who’s learning to sit up and crawl on it!) I am in absolute la-la land! I honestly could do cart wheels around this place, I have had so much fun putting everything together. Moving is always a nightmare, and with a 6 month old I thought it would be much worse, but I was packing and unpacking with a perma-grin! I can’t believe we live here! The night we were moving in, Brady said, “I feel like we just moved out of our car!” It’s honestly 2 1/2 times the size of our other place, so you can imagine us feeling like we live in a mansion! haha… Anyway, things are coming along.. our room I still haven’t touched and there’s still a few things that need to be done around here, but other than that, things have gone so smoothe.
A very special thanks to the helpful moving crew (at least the few of you that were there!)

  • Ali, who I teasingly call “My Wife” because she’s ALWAYS there to lend a helping hand, anyday, all day, with Harlo, with whatever!! I honestly have no idea what I’d do without this special lady! I love you, Al.. you’re the best older-sister-right-up-from-me a girl could ask for!
  • Chelsea, who is always helping me be a better mom and wife.. you’re my inspiration! You always know just what to do! Thanks for the cute pictures and helping me hang stuff. You’re the best older-sister-two-up-from-me a girl could ask for! (sorry girls, I had to get creative with the titles!)
  • Pop, Oh my daddy.. we all know how crazy I am about this one, but REALLY… he’s the best dad in the world. I Promise. Thanks for dropping everything for me no matter what. We appreciate you to no end!
  • Scott, Brady’s trusty partner… what in the world would we do without this helpful guy? Definitely not be moved in, in ONE day! We love you “Uncle Scotty”
  • Brady, words cannot describe the level of fabulosity you obtain ;). We make a good team, huh? I think you’re pretty amazing. LOVE, LOVE, love you.
  • Oh, and of course HARLO lady.. Thanks for being so good while we were so busy this weekend! My little princess just played around on the floor and took naps in her pack-n-play like a champ… we were able to get so much done because of this!

So there. I just really felt these people needed special attention, because A. I don’t do very good with Thank You notes, and B. I have moved an obnoxious amount of times in the last couple years, under very difficult circumstances (ie: Being 8 1/2 months pregnant, moving 10 times in one year… ) and I CANNOT begin to describe how greatful I am for all the help. LOVES TO ALL.