I just heard about this amazing story, Myah was a single mom due in February to a little baby girl (Faith) with anencephaly, which means her baby had no brain. She found out during her 20 week ultrasound appointment and was given the chance to terminate the pregnancy or go full term, but her baby would not live without her. She opted to deliver at full term (of course) and knew her little girl would only live minutes, if at all, after delivery. Baby Faith amazingly lived for 93 days. She has just recently passed, but was a true miracle. All of the doctors have absolutely NO answer to her even breathing, let alone cooing, crying, sucking, yawning, sneezing, etc. She, aside from her diagnosis, was a completely normal baby. I could not stop crying after reading her blog, but the story was too amazing I had to share. I’ve got to say I’m going to give my precious little girl some extra kisses tonight.

You can read this amazing story, here.