I’ve totally been slacking lately, but nothing too crazy has been going on at the Miller Residence. Harlo had her 4 month appointment today and she is fabulous. She is tall and skinny like her dad, she’s in the 54% for height, and 20% for weight.. she started out at under 10% for everything, so she’s doing so SO well.
Started Rice cereal last week… any tips? She’s not havin’ that.
She’s such a little singer.. she sings to me all day long and I can’t get enough of it.
She is SUCH a wiggle worm these days, always busy movin’ and shakin’, rolling over, always wants to stand, can scoot around in a circle on the floor.. she’s a busy lady!
We’re leaving tomorrow on our Park City vaca, wish us luck! {and seriously send us lots of prayers.. we are traveling with the Diva}
My first Mothers Day is this weekend and we’re {okay, I’m} very excited about that! {Even though Brady’s given me most of my presents already because he can’t hold onto it for more than 10 minutes…} ha-ha.
Made meatloaf tonight, what a woman! I feel like I’ve conquered all of my cooking fears {yes, I did wear latex gloves… but that’s not the point! I can get down and dirty in the kitchen! —Mom, are you reading this?!–}
Mr. Miller is just as busy as ever, and please don’t remind him because I still can’t believe he’s taking 2 FULL DAYS off of work for our trip! How romantic!
The laundry is done, the lists are made, but truthfully I have no idea how to plan for taking a baby out of her home… Good thing Park City has a target near by, just in case!
So, again.. wish us luck, send your prayers, and I’ll update you with the details when we return!!