I love Easter!! It is my very favorite holiday. It’s always nice weather, good food, and even better candy =) It was so fun to get Harlo all ready in her Easter dress and take her around to see the family. We had a yummy breakfast at my sister, Chel’s house, lounged around our house and watched movies during the day, then finished it off with a little barbeque at Ali’s house. It’s just a fun holiday to spend with family, and you don’t have to do too much to make it special! I hope everyone else had a Happy Easter!

Harlo and her Daddy sleepin’ in.. apparently they hadn’t gotten the news yet that the Easter Bunny had come…

And this is what he brought!
(along with just a few other things he couldn’t quite fit in the basket.. 😉

Harlo in her cute Easter Dress!

Some kids like Easter candy..
My kid likes Easter dresses.
It sure looks yummy though, doesn’t it?