This has been a family-filled day! My mom has been visiting since last Saturday, which is so fun, she stayed the first 3 nights with us and she gave me some recipes, organized my mail drawer, ran errands with me… all the fun stuff moms can do. Then my Uncle Dan and Aunt Denice came to visit today with my two cute cousins, Taylor and Hunter. Luckily, we got to hang out with them all day! We even stopped by my mom’s parents house and Harlo got to meet her great-grandparents (on my side) for the first time ever! She won them both over with her sweetest smile 🙂 My daughter was a complete angel all day long!! Everytime she woke up we were in a different place, and she wasn’t phased at all. She was passed around, thrown off her schedule, didn’t get one good full nap, but she was still so nice!! It must have been my sisters baby, Jerzie (the one who literally does not know how to cry..) that was rubbing off on her, because she was just such a trooper!! She’s usually a pretty happy and content baby, but I’ve never seen her so easy-going as she was today.
Thank you Harlo for being so wonderful and showing off to everyone 😉 I think you’re fabulous always and I love you no matter what, but it sure helps mommy when you have days like today! {keep up the good work!}
We ate dinner with the fam, then I was off to my dad’s because my favorite uncle Jeff was in town for the night and hadn’t seen Harlo yet, so we stopped by there for a minute. Jeffrey always makes us laugh and I love him a lot. Listening to him and my dad is the best entertainment you could ever imagine!! I wish we saw him more, but when we do I just eat it up! We only got to stay for a minute becuase it was Harlo’s bedtime and I didn’t want to push my luck.. but it was still really fun to see him. He loved Harlo and I know when she gets old enough she’ll love him too, just like I did when I was a tiny girl.
We had a fun day, we didn’t take any pictures because we were too busy, but we had a really fun day. I always am so thankful that all my sisters live close to me and that I have such great relationships with each and every one of them, but it’s also so fun to see cousins and aunts and uncles that I don’t get to see all the time. Family is a neat thing. I hope me and my sisters always stay this close and our kids will always be close too!
And what has my little angel been up to lately? She is so cute and so wonderful, she literally gets more personality EVERY DAY. It’s so fun getting to know her little personality and I’m just so glad I get to be her mom forever. She is SO smiley lately and loves to eat her hands, she’s still learning all the functions her hands do and she’s starting to grab at things. I recently gave her the little bear that Grandma Darci sent her, and she LOVES it!! It is so cute, her first teddy bear! This was her this morning with it:
Just chillin’ with her little bear
{can you recognize her without her bow? ;)}
It sure is yummy!!

She’s also been giving me loves lately, if I kiss her, she’ll grab my face with her hands and try to eat me, I’m truly obsessed with this little nugget.
Kind of a long blabbery post, but that’s what we’ve been up to!