The many faces of Harlo!
She loves chillin’ in her boppy. Itty usually comes and lays by her (itty loves the boppy too) and Harlo will just stare at her. It’s so cute! Itty’s the best sister! =)

My cute sex and the city shirt that Alister gave me (like 5 months ago, but it didn’t fit!) and my fabulous little lady at my side!

Crazy outfit day! Harlo in her legwarmers =)

Just after the tubby her hair gets so crazy! You can’t really tell in the picture because it’s so fine you can’t see all the ends, but it’s so funny! She’s always so cute and awake after tubby time.

Fancy Lady!

My lady bug!

my little easter egg!

Some say her bows are too big… I just say they’re FaBuLoUs!