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Well my good friend Errin started doing photography conveniently a few months ago and wanted to take our pictures… With so much going on this month I was not stressing about it, but was very pleased when Errin said she would just come right to us and do them at our home. I am THRILLED at how they turned out!! I’m super glad we did them, and I know they are pictures I will cherish forever!! Thanks so much Errin (to see more of errin’s photography she’s on my friends list, or at eaphoto.blogspot.com)

Also, I went to the doctor today and I am dialated to a 2 and 70% effaced. I know that this doesn’t mean too much, but I am just so excited that something, anything is going on to help get this baby out =) my doctor says we’re at the “anytime now” stage, but it still could be 3 weeks… we’ll just see I guess! Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the baby and anything else.
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Collection of Photos

So we haven’t had our real computer set up for a few weeks, only our laptop and I can’t get pictures onto the laptop… so, we’re a little behind. B just set up our computer though and I thought I’d share… not all are glamorous, just a forewarning!!
How cute is my hubby? date night last weekend

35 weeks 2 days… don’t mind the cute outfit=)

3 pregnant ladies and a bride

Thanksgiving Day

Date Night a few weeks ago

Always missing 1!! Angie left like 1 second too early, we NEVER get pictures with all 4 of us =(

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Well we FINALLY got all moved into our new place. (I’ll take pictures just as soon as we get the rest of this stuff put away) AND… We got the little missy’s room set up!! It is darling, I’ll try to post pics later, but I was just so excited I had to post about it! I am now 35 weeks pregnant, which sort of feels like 135 weeks, but just about 5 weeks left. Moving was pretty tricky because I couldn’t do too much and we went to the doctor on Wednesday and they said to not lift ANYTHING because we want that baby to stay in there for a few more weeks. I tried to take it as easy as I could and still help out, but yesterday I kept having contractions so I would have to lay down until they stopped. Luckily we’re done with the moving part, because I think if I had to take care of one more box I’d be in Labor and Delivery right now!! So that was the last thing we had to get done before the baby got here and we made it! Now she can come anytime she feels like it =)
I also wanted to thank everyone who helped this weekend, it’s always nice to have help when you move, but when your 8 months pregnant it brings out a whole new appreciation! Mo scrubbed my whole entire old house from head to toe, I didn’t have to do one thing… it looks amazing and I’m SO grateful. Papa Charlie and Nana Ruth basically saved our lives this weekend, ruth loaded her car quite a few times and cleaned my whole new house and made it so nice to move in! She helped lift everything I couldn’t lift and made sure I always had drinks and snacks and layed down enough. Ali came over yesterday and help me organize a whole bunch of stuff and put our crib all together, hang shelves in the babys room and get all of that all set up. She was here all day and it was so nice to have her around. Scott and Brady and Charlie moved EVERYTHING over and my sweet hubby was so helpful and concerned about me the whole time. I’m so glad I married such a patient guy! My dad also helped a lot and we’re so sad he didn’t move into this house with us =( we LOVED having him at our house while it lasted and I hope he’ll still come over every morning for coffee and shakes ;) It was a LOT of work this weekend, and we honestly could not have done it without all the help. I am SO grateful and hope we can return the favor someday. I’ll try to get some pictures up tonight!!

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Baby Shower #2

Cute Blankie Nana Ruth made
My Best Helper!! (who was so excited about these socks she’s holding)
Thank goodness Maizee was there to help me, it’s hard bending over that belly!

Some of the gals…


Trying to eat my lunch

My shower was so fun, I got so much great stuff for the little missy… I can’t wait to dress her up in all her new clothes and bows and jewels. She will be one fabulous little lady! Thanks to everyone who helped out and was able to come, I had a great time and am so relieved to finally have everything I need (for now at least ;)

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