While I’m at it, this is the bedding we’re thinking of getting… (please keep in mind that I’m having SUCH a hard time planning her room) I do like the black and white thing, and the bumper (which is located at the top, I don’t now why it’s not in the crib) is reversable so it’s polkadots on the other side. Instead of using the quilt, I’ll probably make her a cute funky pink one. I’m planning on a black crib and then we’ll throw pinks in wherever (literally, WHEREVER) we can. Pink walls, pink changing table, pink pillows…. think pink, pink, pink! If you have another brilliant idea, please let me know. I know it looks like nothing much now, but note that in my head her room as a whole is super cute!!

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So FINALLY here is another update. As you can see I am getting rather large =) Our baby is SUPER active these days. She is starting to react to outside noises now (especially grandpa’s voice) and she gets mad when the dogs crawl on her, she kicks them right back! I’m 24 weeks along now and am getting slightly more anxious… I really am enjoying pregnancy now though, hopefully it goes this well until the end, because that first part was rough!! We hope you all are doing well, until next time… =)

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So we just found out that we are having a GIRL!!! We went to our 3D ultrasound today and got some really neat pictures. I don’t know about you, but it’s the cutest baby I’ve seen!! We are both really excited. I thought it was a girl from the beginning, and Brady really wanted a baby girl. Now we get to start planning and shopping away!!
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I’m not very good at posting on this, but the more that happens, the better I will get!

We’ve been busy this past week!! Our ultrasound appointment was last wednesday, but they couldn’t tell us for sure what the baby was because “it” was measuring a little smaller than planned… I (with my very rational thinking) thought that maybe my baby hadn’t hit it’s huge growth spurt (that should have started that week) but, they got paranoid and changed my due date to Jan. 4th… which makes no sense to me, but whatever. This baby will come when it wants, no matter what due date I have I guess. It would actually be kind of nice to have “it” in January, so it’s not TOO terribly close to christmas, but it sucks thinking you’re 18 weeks along and they shove you back to 16!! I couldn’t even negotiate my way out of it either! But we’re doing really well… I’m not as sick as I was last month and my belly is growing!! I need to update a belly pic and post it, but tonight I’m a little lazy! Hope you all are doing swell =)

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