Birthdays, Birthdays!

This weekend was an eventful one! On Friday we had Willow’s (Ali’s Dog) birthday and Saturday we had Allan’s surprise party. It was definitely fun! Ali has been planning Allan’s surprise party forever and pulled it off with flying colors! It was so nice, we had a nice dinner and it’s always fun to see friends we don’t always get to see :)

The birthday boy with his way cool sign ;)
Sister pic.. of course only 3/4… {harlo was standing in for Chel}
My two pals.. don’t know what I’d do without either of them!

My sassy family

Harlo wanted to wear this outfit in honor of her Auntie

We can’t forget the dogs!! Itty and Lou at Willow’s 1st birthday party

Me and Ang and our girls, how fun are party hats?!

My funnest party date =)

Out of about 8, this was the best pic we could get, haha.. maybe next year we’ll coordinate a little better.

Happy 30th Allan!!
{& happy 1st, Willow}

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Miss Elle

Here are a couple cute pictures I recently took of Harlo… did I mention how much I like this girl?
My girl
Little miss attitude, herself.

Love these piggies

she never leaves the house without painted toes and a bow!

My most favorite girl in the whole-wide-world.
*notice her little ears pierced:)*

And when she’s done, she’s done.

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The Horrifying Story of My Life

It all started out as a great day.. Harlo went down for her morning nap and woke up in a great mood. I decided that she was happy enough that I would try to squeeze a shower in. She was content so long that I actually got to wash my hair and shave my legs! (a seemingly small novelty that only new moms would appreciate) I got out of the shower, threw on a sundress and began to blow my hair dry when {Dun, dun, dun!} a GIGANTIC millipede scurried across the floor of my bedroom/bathroom area to my nearby shoe rack. I’m not even close to kidding you, this thing was 4 inches long!! I grabbed my baby, who was sitting in her bouncy seat that was on the floor, tried to glance at where the horrific creature went (although I’m not sure what I would have done with it if I had seen it) and ran right out of the room, shoving a towel under the door to lock the creepy crawler out of the rest of our house. {Screaming all the while}
I called my husband who didn’t answer, called my sister, called my mother-in-law and finally Brady called me back

{did I mention that Harlo’s explosive diapering situation has horrible timing and in all of this freaking out, her diaper gave way, leaving her right leg and the front of my dress “pooped”.. Any other item of clothing of mine was in my condemned bedroom}

Me: “BRADY!! I AM FREAKING OUT!! Oh my hell! There is a GIGANTIC MILLIPEDE and it’s locked in our room and I need you to come home because I have wet hair and no shoes and I can’t leave like this!”
Brady: “Wait, what?”
Brady: “Cass, it’s okay. I can’t come home right now. You will be fine it can’t hurt you.” {in his most calm voice that he uses when I’m overly hysterical}
Me: “Brady, seriously!! What am I going to do? I can’t go back in there!”
Brady: “Babe, yes you can. It’s okay, just smash it or spray it with bleach or something, you’ll be fine.”
{this is when I hung up on my husband}
I took a deep breath and did what any smart woman and mother would do:

I grabbed Harlo a new dress, wiped the poop off my dress with a baby wipe and promptly left my house with bare feet and half-wet hair. I swiftly drove to my sister’s house to finish getting ready and stayed there until my husband returned home from work.
After all…

what are sisters for?
When we got home, we {and by “we” I mean “he”} searched every inch of our home for the disgusting, terrifyingly ugly “insect” {if you can even call it that! The thing was 4 inches long AT LEAST!} which he failed to find. I then vacuumed every square inch of our living space, we shook out every blanket, towel, bedding, lifted every rug, wiped every surface, shook out every shoe, and lifted every piece of furniture. To no avail but I’m pretty sure we now have the cleanest house on the block.
Seriously though, how freaky is that?! I didn’t even know those things existed in Utah… I’ve lived here for 20 years and have not seen one, has anyone else ever seen one of these things? I hope you haven’t, and hope you never will! My skin is still crawling. Wish me luck sleeping tonight!
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I guess this is what my life is like now…

Last weekend we had a big family picnic in Mesquite. We were so excited to get down and see everyone since it had been quite a while no one had seen harlo for months! This would also be harlo’s first trip out of St. George (we’re taking baby steps;) but we headed in the car and were off!

The whole reason we were even going to Mesquite is for “brother” Lee’s birthday! Happy Birthday Lee, we hope you had a good one!
This was the only picture I really got.. and it’s only about a 3rd of who was all there.. can someone email me the group picture? (Brianna?;)

Harlo right when we got to Mesquite. It was too windy, so we had to keep her in her seat, but she just chilled and was so good.

Harlo’s cutest papa

Then, Harlo started getting a little fussy.. I took her to the car to change her, I removed her blanket and to my horror she was COVERED in poop!! All up the front of her, down her legs, up her back.. it was BAD. Of course, since this had never happened before I didn’t have a change of clothes and of course we were in mesquite! We hadn’t been there for 30 minutes when the chaos happened, so we obviously didn’t want to just head home. After wiping her down (with about 30 wipes) we finally got most of it under controll (except for now I was covered in poop too) ahhh motherhood.
This picture doesn’t do the mess justice, but I was too busy cleaning to take pictures of my messy daughter!!

While the rest of the family got to hang out a the park, me and Aunt Judy headed to Walmart to buy something for Harlo to wear home, which turned into buying Harlo a new wardrobe… (thanks again, Aunt Judy) then we headed back to the park, where the wind had still not let up and I now had a very hungry child. So, I watched as everyone visited and mingled and sat in my car feeding the little piglet. I thought I might finally get a chance to visit when she was done, but the wind was NOT Harlo’s favorite and by this time she was tired and sick of just sitting in her seat.. I couldn’t blame her. Needless to say, I was done. My husband who had gone MIA somewhere between the poop and Walmart was still not grasping the full effect of Harlo’s and my inevidable melt down. So as I pushed the now screaming Harlo back down to the park to find Brady, he was greeted with a not-so-pleasant “Okay, we’re ready to leave” :) (I must proudly make notice that I did not cry or scream one time..) We sadly said goodbye to all of our family and I prayed that next time would be better, and perhaps in St. George or somewhere inside with a suitcase packed of “just in case” stuff.
Our sweet little Harlo was so precious, as soon as I hooked her into her carseat base, it’s like she understood “okay, we’re on our way to our peaceful home” and she stopped crying and almost immediately fell asleep.
It was a very eventful weekend, one I don’t think I’ll be forgetting anytime soon
And yes, now I have a checklist of things to remember before I leave the house.

This is me after our fun-filled day… I had to apologize in advance to my husband who had to spend the next 30 minutes in the car with me.

So, things aren’t as easy as they were when it was just me and Brady to worry about, but with a story like this, it’s much more entertaining! I wouldn’t trade my rich life for a simpler life any day.

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