Valentines Weekend

We had a really good Valentines this year!! Last year I lived in Texas and Brady and I couldn’t be together, so this year was really our “first” valentines, and of course, Harlo’s first Valentines… Valentines is probably my favorite holiday just because you don’t have to do much to make it special, and it’s just a day to do fun lovey things. We try to act like it’s valentines everyday around here, but the real deal is definitely fun!
To start off the weekend, Harlo wore this ADORABLE outfit my good friend, Marianne made her. Marianne actually crocheted this whole ensamble!! She gave it to me for my shower and I was so excited to put her in it, it looks so cute on her! Thanks Marianne!
Gran stopped by passing through town to give Harlo her little Valentines tricker, we only stayed for about 2 minutes but it’s always fun to see Gran. She’ll be here next weekend for Harlo’s blessing =)

Renee and Ryder came to town surprisingly and we were SO excited to see them!! Last time Renee and I were together Harlo and Ryder were still in our bellies and we were complaining about how uncomfortable we were, so this was SUPER fun to actually get our babies together! Ryder is such a little doll and we’re so glad he’s doing so well!! Besides the fact that he’s so tiny, you would never guess he just recently got out of the hospital, such a trooper!! As you can see, Harlo had such a fun time, she didn’t want to leave! =)

Valentine Kisses for Itty

Valentine kisses for us =)

Brady got me (and Harlo;) really cute flowers for Valentines with a REALLY cute card! =)

Valentine Kisses for Harlo who is sick of having a photoshoot in the kitchen! ha

Our ‘Brady Lady’ on her very first Valentines!

After such an eventful weekend, Harlo and I were exhausted!

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All Grown Up!

Well.. not completely grown up, but close!! Harlo, my sweet little tiny baby is getting so big… She is offically out of her newborn diapers! what the heck?! Her newborn clothes are still fitting (this week at least) but I can’t believe it. You don’t realize that they’re really growing until they’re growing right out of their belongings!
So, as if that wasn’t enough, it just occured to me that her 2 month appointment is coming right up and that I should probably start doing tummy time… well this morning I put her on her tummy (for the very first time) and within about 15 seconds she ROLLED OVER. I about died… let me remind you that she is 7 weeks old! So not only do I have the cutest baby around, I have the strongest as well ;) (She MUST be Brady’s kid, because she didn’t get her athleticism from me by any means!!) S0 that is all… My child is growing too fast for her own good and I’m just struggling to keep up, which is funny because I swear that’s what my dad still says about me… I guess you never catch up! But really, didn’t I just BARELY bring her home from the hospital? I thought I’d have at least a year before she grew out of those diapers… =)

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Sweet Aunt Marj

Last week while my mom was in town we went over to Aunt Marjie’s house. She is so dang cute, I could just eat her up! I am so glad that Harlo got to meet her and I hope Marj sticks around for a while so Harlo will remember her. We never had grandparents and Marjie is my mom’s aunt, but she let us know what a true grandma was supposed to be like. We would go visit her all the time when we were kids, we loved it! She’d send us home with a pair of her house slippers (which we thought were SO cool) and a quilt she had recently made. There was never a birthday that passed without a mailed card from Aunt Marjie with a sweet little note in it and 5 dollars. If I could just be half the aunt she was to us, I would still be the best auntie ever! I am so glad we got these pictures while we were there, I will cherish them forever!

Marjie thought Harlo was just the cutest thing ever… truthfully, she gives Harlo a run for her money =)

How sweet is this? Tiny little ladies.. Harlo and Marj TOGETHER weigh 88 lbs.

4 Generations… Aren’t we all just fabulous?! ;)

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