Multiple Blessings

Feeding and Reading is my new favorite past time! While I sit in my chair every 3 hours feeding Harlo, what better to do than read a book. My latest book I’ve read is Multiple Bles8ings by Jon and Kate Gosselin (jon and kate plus 8) It is such a great book! I think every mom, dad or Christian should read this book. It is a great heartfelt story about faith and love in an unexpected journey. It is very inspirint and uplifting and an absolutely perfect book for me to be reading with my 6 week old bundle. If Kate could survive through the birth and up-bringing of 6 little ones, then I can surely do it with 1!
I feel compelled to notice all the blessings and little miracles that have been happening around here lately. It has probably been this amazing journey to motherhood that brought me so much closer to God, but since Harlo has been here I try not to miss even the seemingly miniscule blessings and miracles in my life (like getting the chance to wash my face and brush my teeth before my husband gets home!) Everytime I look at my daughter I feel so overwhelmed with love and faith in our Lord that I get to live the life He has planned out for me. Harlo is my proof that everything, indeed, does happen for a reason! The last 2 years of my life have held the best of times and the hardest of times. I am so greatful for the ups and downs that brought Brady and I closer together as a couple and stregnthened me as a person and prepared me for this wonderful life of motherhood. Everything good and everything I’ve ever done right in my life (which until now, seemed so small) I see everyday in my daughter.
One of my very dearest friends, was just involved in a scary car accident. Looking at the pictures of the car and the damage done you would really wonder if the person made it out alive, and through God’s grace, she and her precious 27 week old fetus walked away completely unharmed. I am SO thankful for her friendship and the role she has played in my life and even more thankful that she sits at home today with a kicking baby in her belly a snuggling baby in her arms. It’s so easy to forget to remind the people in my life how much I appreciate them and how thankful I am. Marcie’s accident brought that to my attention and I have made it my personal goal to remember to do and say those small things that mean so much.
Another one of my closest friends had a sweet little baby boy last week about 5 weeks early. He is a tiny 5 lb 2 oz miracle and he is getting stronger everyday. I wish I could be with her physically in Vegas right now, but I am here with my own family to care for. She is never out of my thoughts and prayers. This wonderful title of being a mom brings you closer to a much more emotional side of you with a whole new slate of worries and fears, but also a whole new stregnth that can get you through any pain and hardship. I know she will make it through these next few hard days with little Ryder still in the hospital and will soon get to experience the joy of snuggling up to that little baby in the home she has so eagerly prepared for him.
I must always remember what a miracle Harlo is and all the many blessings we lived through in the process of getting her here. I was once told that childbearing might not be my strong point, and each and everyday I am so thankful that I was able to experience all of this, being spared much of the stress of worrying if I would ever be able to. This has been the best 6 weeks and 4 days of my life, and honestly the best 2 years as it all started that wonderful January day that Brady walked into my life.
I’ve got to go wake up and feed that little miracle before her daddy gets home, so to everyone in my life: Thank you for being a part of this wonderful time. I appreciate each and every one of you and all the help and support you have given me over the days, weeks, months, or years. God bless you all!

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It’s all about the bow!

So, everyone keeps asking me where I get all of Harlo’s bows (because they’re so fabulous ;) and I get them all from my sister. She is now selling her bows since so many people have been asking about them and she made a blog for them so everyone can see them! She has really good prices and does such an awesome job!! That is the best part about having little girls is getting to do all the fun accessories! You can check out her bow blog at There is a collection of some of the ones she has, but she’s always making new things and can always make you anything you specifically need, so check up regularly to see the latest and greatest! If you have any questions, let me know =)
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My Little Diva!

The many faces of Harlo!
She loves chillin’ in her boppy. Itty usually comes and lays by her (itty loves the boppy too) and Harlo will just stare at her. It’s so cute! Itty’s the best sister! =)

My cute sex and the city shirt that Alister gave me (like 5 months ago, but it didn’t fit!) and my fabulous little lady at my side!

Crazy outfit day! Harlo in her legwarmers =)

Just after the tubby her hair gets so crazy! You can’t really tell in the picture because it’s so fine you can’t see all the ends, but it’s so funny! She’s always so cute and awake after tubby time.

Fancy Lady!

My lady bug!

my little easter egg!

Some say her bows are too big… I just say they’re FaBuLoUs!

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I have about 20 minutes until Harlo is due to wake up, so I’ll make this quick! =)
Harlo is doing so great! She’s obviously as cute as can be. She is still changing so much and it’s so fun to watch her grow! She can hold her head up like a champ now, she’s super strong and likes to pretend to sit up all by herself. She’s in love with her binky and she also likes looking at Itty. (she’d probably like looking at Lou too, if he’d hold still for 3 seconds!) Her little eyes can focus on our faces now and she loves to just stare at us. She loves to slow dance with me to her favorite song “eyes on fire”, she is obsessed with this song and will sit quietly anywhere as long as it’s on. As soon as it’s over, she’ll start stirring again. It’s too funny. She also loves me to sing to her. She takes naps in her crib in her own room now and is doing so good in there! She’d probably be fine sleeping the night in there, but I’m still not quite ready for that! =) She still barely cries, when she’s mad about something she’ll let out a tiny little whale and then stick her bottom pouty lip out until she gets what she needs. It’s the cutest thing ever! She still just loves bathtime and loves her hair washed or played with. Her daddy always tickles her head and it puts her right to sleep! Brady is too cute, he’s such a good dad. If she just barely wakes up he automatically says “Babe! Babe! She’s hungry! Hurry!!” (even if she’s not crying or routing or giving ANY signs of hunger.) ha, he’s pretty over protective but it’s probably good practice. With how cute she is, he’ll need to keep that up through her high school years!! Well, my time is about up, so here’s a few pictures over the last week or 2. Enjoy!
Papa and Nana’s house
Cutest Cousins!

All About the Bow!

Pretty in PURPLE

Very relaxed after Tubby Time =)

Happy New Year with Daddy!

Happy New Year with Mommy

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