guess who’s back?



Last week, Mr. Miller and I took a 9-year-late honeymoon to the Caribbean.  I will be chatting more about that soon.. we had such an amazing time and I am excited to be writing for Today’s Mama (as I was doing on my trip).

But even more amazing than the Caribbean sea with my one true love, was getting home late last night, crawling into my own bed, and waking up to our children this morning.  You know your life is pretty happy when the crystal blue seas pale in comparison to the color and light your life is filled with.

Mr. Miller, I loved being your fellow honey-mooner, but I love even more being the mama to your babes and your day-to-day wife.  Let’s do that again (but not for a really long time, I missed the kids too much!)

I hope you’ve missed me like I’ve missed you!  If you’re here, leave me a comment with something you’d like me to write about in the coming weeks (ANYTHING!).  I need a little help to get back in the groove of daily writing and some requests would be most helpful!

Kiss Kiss!

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basket beds

There is a Miller Manor favorite that magically appears every single laundry day.

Basket Beds.

As I fold and empty laundry baskets that lay unoccupied on the floor of the living room, my little Millies find their way into them making up cozy little beds.  Each of the Millies have their own “mama boo’s” now.  (Mama boo’s are the cozy fleece blankets I love to snuggle under on the couch at any given time.  Except it’s hard for me now to find my “mama boos” since they are usually being snuggled with else-where by one of my little Millies… I finally got wise and got them their own “mama boo’s” to sleep with so mine could be freed up!)

Anyway, they place a couch pillow and a mama boo in the empty laundry basket and there they stay all cozy for hours.  The girls spent the whole afternoon cozied up in their basket beds yesterday and now as I sit writing this, Stella is cozied up in a basket bed right behind me.

It really is the simplest of things that brings joy and hours of entertainment.


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Watching my little Major discover his first Spring will go down as one of my favorite parts of our first year together.

Something in me lays dormant over the winter.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays as much as anyone, and there is definitely something to be said about cozying up in side around a fire while it’s cold outside.  But I am a summer girl in my soul, and each Spring I feel like “ah, there you are.  I have been lost without you.”

This week I have kept the schedule as light as possible and have spent the majority of the time (not folding laundry) playing outside, swinging on the porch, bouncing on the trampoline, taking a few extra walks, going for drives with the windows down.  This is the mom I hope my kids remember the most – springtime mom.  Not ornery, cooped-up winter-mom that hangs around in January.

It’s 70 degrees outside and I feel like… myself.

God bless spring!

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from my kitchen office nook

Sometimes when I am in a rut (emotionally), I like to think of a time when I was completely happy and try to align my life now in the same way to bring the happiness about again.  This might mean a trip (I always find clarity at the ocean!), or a place of spiritual peace (like the temple), or even as quirky as recreating some old outfits.

I have been thinking of the time when I was a young mama to two little babies – a year and a half old Harlo, and a newborn baby Stella.  At that point, it was the happiest I had ever been in my whole life.  I was so fulfilled, so creative.  I learned to cook in that time.  I would pull recipes from Rachel Ray up on my computer in the kitchen and follow each step closely until my food started resembling some of the pictures.  I would craft at my little kitchen desk to make my girls bows and headbands, and embellish plain onesies, upcycle old clothes and fabrics.  I would write as quickly as thoughts came to my head about the season of life I was in.  I didn’t want a single detail about my girls and my early journey with motherhood to go undocumented.  I would take pictures, then sit for hours studying photoshop, composition, exposure to try to push myself to learn a new art form.  I would plunk Harlo in her high chair with some organic fruit, and organic whole-grain crackers just beside me, turn on Stella’s baby monitor and chug away at my little blog.

Some of the best days of my whole entire life.

Lately I have found myself in a bit of a creative rut.  I asked Mr. Miller to move my computer from our shared office to a little nook in the kitchen, just like I had when my girls were babies.  Just like I had in the early days of this blog.

 Sometimes we don’t need a complete overhaul.  Sometimes we just need a little tweak in the things we’re doing to get the flow moving again.

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