Beauty Routine

I always want to know what skin care products people are using – cheap, expensive, hidden gems, moisturizers, cleansers, etc. Since today is the day for lovers and you are all wanting to look your best, I am sharing my “before makeup” beauty routine with you today and some products I have found and love.


FACE WASH – First and foremost, I try to wash my face every single night.  This is a tough habit to make stick and an impossibly easy habit to let slip –  but when I find myself getting out of routine, or using makeup remover wipes one too many times in a week, I tighten things back up.  If you are terrible at washing your makeup off at night, let me tell you – commit to doing it every day for ONE week.  After that, I promise you won’t be able to sleep with makeup on.  I sleep sooooo much better when my face is clean and I love waking up to a fresh face without having to rush my beauty routine.

My tried and true face wash is a gem I discovered 10 years ago while working for a dermatologist.  Nothing had ever worked better for my skin.  I lost track of it after I worked there and recently found it again last year.  I am happy to say it works just as well as it did those years ago!  It gently exfoliates leaving my face feeling so clean and soft, and it’s benzoyl peroxide fights my acne.  Every single acne medicine dries and irritates my face, but this wash has been a miracle worker.

SUNLESS TANNER – Because my face is always covered in sunscreen, and I exfoliate nightly, the skin on my face is always whiter than the rest of my body.  One serious beauty hack I’ve found is using a sunless tanner on my face.  When I get out of the shower, while i’m still in a towel, I step back into my shower and do a quick spray over my face, starting at the top spraying in horizontal motions from side to side, I do my forehead, nose and cheeks area, and chin and jawline.  I dry it a bit with a blow dryer (especially if I’m in a hurry to get ready *cough* always), and voila! New woman.  It looks totally natural and just adds a little color to bring some life back into my face so my makeup doesn’t have to work so hard.  Days I skip this step, I always feel sickly.

MOISTURIZER – I have to say I was a little undecided when I first tried maskcara beauty’s MILK, it was unlike any moisturizer I had ever used before – and to me it smelled like breast milk, which hit a little close to home for this nursing mama.  But I’m so glad I kept using it for a few days in a row because I can honestly say it has been life changing for my skin.  LIFE CHANGING.  I have battled dry skin on my face for years, and now my skin feels and looks like my baby’s hydrated cheeks.  My makeup goes on like a dream, and I swear it has reduced the appearance of my wrinkles.  I literally feel like I have a new face and now I understand what all the fuss is about.  I feel like at 27 my skin took a bit of a turn and was starting to age, but I feel like MILK totally bumped me back to my  youthful 23 year old glow.  I have found my favorite time to apply it is after I wash my face at night, so it has the night time hours to really settle in and I’m not battling grease when I put my makeup on in the morning.

CC Cream (and sunscreen!) – Before I put on my iiiD foundation, I apply my It Cosmetics CC cream for the sunscreen benefits.  This step isn’t necessary for the iiiD foundation because it is a med – full coverage foundation, but I am a big believer in sunscreen (it has SPF 50 in it) and instead of just using a moisturizer with sunscreen, I love the benefits of the CC cream.  It goes on really light and smooth, adds a little extra coverage if I need (hello hormonal acne) and I feel like it’s the perfect mate for my iiiD foundation.  Pretty much, I just can’t quit it.  I use one pump of product as a base for my foundation.

After that, I am ready for my makeup! When I take care of my skin, my beauty routine is so much quicker and looks so much better!

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Remember if you are waiting to try Maskcara iiiD foundation but need to know your colors, email me a picture heygirl(at)cassmiller(dot)com and I’ll get you matched! xo

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9 months in, 9 months out

My sweet Major has officially been in my arms as long as he was in my belly.
I remember when this original picture was taken, on my due date, 9 months ago.
My tail bone was sore, my ribs were wrecked, my stomach was stretched so far.
I told Brady that night, “I wonder if this is your big strapping son in here and that’s why I’m so uncomfortable.” (it was)
I remember so clearly the feelings of anticipation as I was about to give birth and see what that sweet little bundle would be – boy or girl.
I had visions of what our family dynamic would look like, and change, and all the bittersweet-ness that comes in those last days of pregnancy.
But nothing at all could have prepared me for the love that was headed our way.
These 9 months have been some of my very happiest.
Major brought contentment to our family.
And maybe he wont be the last, and maybe he will.
One thing is for sure though, he’d be a great note to end on.

So very glad that big ol’ belly brought me my sweet little honey man.
Worth every single popped-out rib, ten fold!


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Grae Tidbits

Grae has got to be one of the most entertaining kids I’ve ever met.
She is such a fun combination of cute + spice + personality + humor.
When people spend any time with her, they ask me how I even handle my life, and I tell them I have no idea.  She’s too dang much!
She is smart as a whip!
She can count to 16 without getting mixed up, sometimes she makes it to 20.  She memorizes words to songs like I’ve never seen.
She can outsmart the best of us around here.
She is still a teensy thing at 24 lbs, just a tad bigger than her baby brother.
She has taken well to the family skill of negotiation/manipulation.
The other day she was playing a little rough and I said “Okay no more, that’s not funny.” and she shrugs with “It’s a little bit funny.” :/
Her facial expressions are just the icing on the cake.  Everything she says is with so much expression.
She literally kills people everywhere we go.
A couple weeks ago we had a heart check-up for her, the doctors and nurses on the floor kept coming into say hi because they heard the cutest little girl was on the floor.  While we were waiting in a waiting room, they were doing construction out our window.  Grae was excitedly watching the men on all equipment, and especially the welders.  After a couple minutes, she had gotten the attention of nearly the whole crew from the window and they were waving to her, making sparks with their welding machines for her, etc.  Ha! I couldn’t make this stuff up.  She of course, was just eating up all the attention.  Waving, squealing, jumping up and down.  I tell you, the girl is a show-stopper.
Her heart visit went really well! Her valve has shown improvement, which means we don’t have to see them again until she’s doubled in size, so about 5 years.  We were thrilled about this!
One thing I love about being the mama of multiple kids is that the first time around, toddlerhood completely stressed me out.  The second time, I white knuckled my way through knowing it would end, the third time around I can (mostly) sit back and laugh and eat up the funny things this stage brings.
Grae has by-far been my most demanding? Button-pushing? Can’t-take-my-eye-off-her type of kid, but somehow it doesn’t ruffle my feathers as much as I would think. ha!
Grae is sure a sucker for her daddy, and my goodness, he is a sucker for her right back.
Those two are so in love.
Grae always likes to be where the excitement is happening.  She is NOT one to go off and play by herself and keep herself entertained.  She is at my side 24/7 asking for this or that, has a patience scale of about 0%, and panics if a door is between us.  She has ALWAYS been this way, and as much as it drains me by the end of the day, I sure love her for it.
I never have to worry about her getting enough attention, because she demands it. ;)
Her coloring all over everything streak has seemed to mellow, although I am nervous even typing it out that it will soon return.
She has taken such a liking to Major these past few months.  She is so funny with him, and is really such a great big sister… different than my other girls, but great in her own way.
She knows the difference between boys/girls, but her pronouns are still a little mixed up.  She is constantly telling me to “get her!” or “She’s getting me!” about Major.  I’m so bad and just keep the bit up because I think it’s too funny.  “Major is gonna fall! Get her!” she’ll tell me. :D
Most days she wont answer to anything other than “peppa pig” and I must answer to “mommy pig” and we all must call Major “george pig”. She is very strict about this arrangement. :P
I’m sure there are plenty of people in the world who think Major’s name is George, because she usually introduces him as “My little brother, George.”
So yes, the Peppa obsession is still going strong.
Because she watches so much Peppa, I’ll find her using words like “postman” for mailman and “parcel” for package. ha!
Everything is also “right now” or “for a minute”.
“I don’t want to do that right now, I want to play for a minute.” “I want to play right now, I’ll go in a minute.”  “Right now” and “in/for a minute” are her only gauges of time.”
I have yet to meet anyone as persistent and determined as my Grae Girl.  She has a gift!  Sure it can get frustrating for me now, but I know those traits will serve her in this life.
She keeps us all on our toes, keeps us all rolling with laughter, and keeps our world so very colorful.
I am thankful every single day she’s mine.  I don’t know how I got so lucky.

My sweet Gigi, you own my heart.

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Harlo’s baptism day

This weekend was a sweet one for our family as we celebrated Harlo’s baptism.

As Christians, we believe we are trying to follow Jesus Christ’s example.  It has been important to me to allow my children room to develop their own relationship with God.  I didn’t have a relationship with God until I was an adult, so I’m not exactly sure what that is supposed to look like for kids, but what I have found is that these children of mine are more of an example to me than I am to them.  Like praying when they need help with something, leaning into faith when they don’t have another answer, having forgiving hearts, loving unconditionally – like Jesus taught.  In areas that I over-think, my girls easily cling to truth.  Turning 8 in our church is special, because we believe it’s the time these children can clearly understand right from wrong, they can start to understand how the holy spirit guides us, they can see goodness and truth.  So a baptism at this age just feels so fitting.  It has been so sweet for me to watch Harlo mature in this way, and I am so excited for what is in store for this precious girl of mine.

For Mr. Miller to be able to baptize our girl was such a special milestone for us.  Harlo is our constant reminder of how far we’ve come in this life, and she was the perfect strong soul to push us to be better, do better, love better.  We truly are eternally grateful she came to us.

With each and every milestone that passes, I can see so clearly why Harlo was sent here first, as the head of our children.  She was naturally born with the unique gifts she would need for this role in our family.  I loved watching her younger siblings so eager and excited to watch her.  Grae and Stella have been talking about their own baptisms and how they too want to be baptized just like Harlo.  Harlo has been excitedly telling them all the inside details, how she feels, and how excited she is to see them be baptized some day, too.  As their mother, there is nothing better in the whole world than seeing them love and support each other in their own little ways.

At the end of the night, as I tucked the girls in for bed, I asked Harlo, “What was your favorite part of the day?” (between wearing a fancy dress, having a baptism, a special after-party with her favorite things, and being the guest of honor) she sighed and said, “Just being baptized.” and Stella chimed right in, “That was my favorite part too, Harlo.”

Bless their little hearts.


♥ ♥ ♥

(photos: cher houston photography)

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