Major Tidbits

Six(ish) Months

This little honey man.
He is pure deliciousness, I tell you what.
Major is such a happy, happy boy.
He rarely ever cries.
He travels in the car like a dream boat.
He is army crawling all over the place, sometimes now getting his belly off the floor.
He is by far my earliest crawler.  And he’s fast!
He officially has grown out of his boucer, swing, etc.
He still does like his johnny jump-up that hangs in the kitchen door, though.
He is the jump-jump-jumpinest babe.
He wont stand up and bear weight on his legs for too long, but he will jump for hours if you’ll let him.
He says “dada” “mama” and various “ba!” “guh!” sounds he calls through the house.
He’s really working on that wave!
He definitely knows his name and responds to it every single time it’s called.
He has the sisters all figured out.
He’ll rely on Harlo to soothe him, he laughs at Stella even if she glances his way, and he has started thinking Grae is just about the neatest pal a guy could ask for.
He has also already learned to pester those sisters of his, Grae being the easiest target.
He’ll grab at her or touch her things and the more she reacts to it, the more he wants to do it with a sly smile on his face.
Those two crack me up!
I can already see they will have such a neat relationship.
It’s been so fun for me to see the brother/sister dynamic, because I’ve never experienced that.
He is just the mini boyfriend of the house!  We are all so smitten.
I can tell this boy is going to be loooooved his whole life long.
People make comments all the time on “Brady getting his boy”, but honestly I feel more like Brady got his girls and now I get my boy. ;)
It sure is good to be loved like this.  It has been a precious tender mercy to my life!
Major is mini man, and that includes being a big ol’ eater!
The second we started solids (5-6 months old), he was a fan.
He is now eating solids 3 times a day and nursing a countless amount as well.  That boy can put it away!  He eats way way way more than my girls ever did.
Our pediatrician has been so great at preparing me for the stage ahead with a boy and eating, late talking, early mobility he was dead-on for.
He is as solid as a rock.  He’s got the best coosh all over, and the guy is heavy!
My back is really paying for it, but my mama heart couldn’t be more proud of this growing guy.
I cannot keep the boy in clothes – he grows in and out of sizes in a matter of weeks.  I can’t shop ahead in seasons, because once we get to them, he’s no where near the size I thought he’d be.
He’s currently growing into 12m clothes.  He’s in a size 3 shoe, and getting close to a 4.
He is in a size 4 diaper, the same size as Grae, and he fills them out way more than she does.
They are just the cutest ‘tiny big sister’, and ‘big baby brother’ you could ever imagine.
If Major had one single down-fall – and he does – it’s his sleep.  I’m not sure what happened there, because he started out as a pretty great sleeper, but he really never got any better than he did as a newborn.  He’s not my worst sleeper, but he still is wanting to eat 3 times a night and he barely naps for any amount of time.
We have really tried to work on his sleep habits, but as soon as we make some progress, it seems like a trip or a cold or something or another comes along and wrecks any progress we have made.  The best he’s ever done is makes it until 3am, so that’s the goal we shoot for.
Usually though, he’s wanting to wake up and eat at 12, then 2, then 5, then 7…
He naps from 10-11 and 2-3ish, and maybe another cat nap around dinner time.
He likes going to bed, he just doesn’t stay asleep for as long as we’d hope.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I raise babies who hate sleep.  Which is weird, because I’m really quite fond of sleeping.
At this age, it seems post partum depression starts creeping in for me.  I am aware and know more of how to handle it, but it’s just something I deal with in the post-partum phase.  I’ll chat more about depression in another post, but wanted to jot it down here for my records.
Major has made adjusting to four kids a serious breeze.  He has seemed to sneak right into our family dynamic and add to it happily and effortlessly.
Each of us is just as smitten with him as the next, we can’t imagine what life was ever like without him in it.
Our world is brighter and happier with this sweet boy.
I just feel like the absolute luckiest mama to have my three sweet girls, and this special boy to boot.
He has changed me and softened me in all the best ways only a son could.
He makes me love a little deeper, smile a little easier, and live a little fuller.
Our love is the eternal kind, and I am ever so grateful for our Heavenly Father for making that type of love possible in this life.
Major, my sweet son, thank you for choosing me.  For choosing us.  We are so happy you’re here.

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life + style



We have been coming off the family/holiday high this week.  I always dread the Monday after family leaves, but it’s not always terrible.  I do like getting my house back in order, slowing down a bit, and touching base with just my little crew.   I’ve tried not to plan much this week, and it’s been nice to take a little beat.

I am working on my daily habits! I used to work for a doctor who said often “we are a prisoner of our habits” and I know it’s true.  I’ve been trying to reset my internal clock to be more of a morning person (can that happen?? can you train yourself to become a morning person??), as well as make my bed each day, and give my house a once-over in the mornings.  I feel so much better when I do these things, but man alive… why is it so hard to make good habits stick, and so easy to pick up bad habits?? I’ll chat more about this as I continue on this journey, but I really feel strongly about being in control of your own life, and making good choices each day.  Time to put my money where my mouth is.

My Mr. Miller got a new church calling this week.  In our faith, for people who are willing to serve, they are prayed over and guided to specific “jobs” that serve our congregation.  Mr. Miller is no stranger to church service.  This  new calling will take up some time and effort on all our parts, but gosh, that guy makes it so easy to support.  I am one that serving others comes a little harder for (ex: I barely have time to wash my own hair – you want me to what??), but not Mr. Miller.  He thrives and enjoys serving God and others, and it is so good for me to witness.  I hope to be more like him in so many ways, and I’m so grateful he’s in my corner of the ring in this life.

Also note, as much as I respect and adore my Mr. Miller, sometimes I am out right ornery with him, and he does plenty of things that drive me crazy (like NEVER hanging the keys up on the key hook by the door).  I have gushed about him a lot this week, and so I feel it’s only fair to round it out with an honest representation of our relationship.  We can bicker and sarcastically jab each other all day, but at the end of the day (and especially when he’s not near me) I think very fondly of him. ;) Marriage can be tough, but it’s mostly the best.  Just always know that we are totally normal and like every single other couple in the world who fights about garbage chores, and how to spend the monthly budget. :P


Living in these turtle necks from Target.  Old Navy Rockstar jeans make it real easy on the budget when I’m moving in and out of jeans sizes like it’s my job (thank you pregnancy and post partum.. you are the weirdest).  And lace-up flats.. I think we discussed this in last week’s installment of life + style, in other words, where have you been all my life?


Cheers to a happy weekend, dear friends!!

ALSO! I am running an awesome giveaway for a micro blading session on my instagram with my brow babe @brows_out!  Head over there to enter!

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Anchoring to Happiness

Mr. Miller and I often talk about how we can do better, be happier, live fuller.  I love this part of our relationship.  I love feeling like Mr. Miller brings out the best in me.

Yesterday I was telling him that when I feel down or unhappy, I try to think of a time I was the very happiest.. I anchor myself to that time and try to recreate those feelings.  Was I feeling very spiritual in that time?  Was I feeling very domestic and peaceful at home?  Was I doing fun things with my family?  Then I try to bring those aspects into my current life and it always helps snap me out of a funk.

I was curious, “When is a time that you felt like we were the very happiest?  Our family was good, our marriage was good, our spirituality was good..” I asked my Mr. Miller.

“I think right now.” he answered.

As he said these words, I could so clearly see God’s hand in our lives.  This year has been SO FULL of highs and lows, and we really have found ourselves in such a happy time after a stormy season.  This happiness has been hard-won and very deserved.  I have learned so much about forgiveness this year – something I didn’t realize I needed to understand so well until I was brought face-to-face with it.  Forgiveness of others, forgiveness of my past, forgiveness of myself.  Mr. Miller has been my anchor as I have dealt with a lot this year, and now it seems that the things that weighed so heavy don’t weigh as heavy anymore.  I am lighter now, and I am better for my trials.

I am so grateful for the atonement.  This is what the atonement is –> forgiveness.  Through the atonement, we can forgive.  Through the atonement, we can be forgiven.  Through the atonement, we can live happy lives despite problems, or worry, or stress, or tough relationships.  I have really learned that this year and my testimony of God is better for it.

This year was a learning/growing year, and I am hoping that next year I can share the faith, knowledge, and lessons I’ve learned.

(photo credit : ashley flowers photography)

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Light The World

A couple of months ago, I attended such a neat conference as a special guest to the LDS church and their marketing team.  We were privileged to be shown a preview of the Christmas campaign, and as we watched and the tears fell, the sweetest spirit filled the room.

Our family is joining in the Light The World campaign (which starts tomorrow!) and I invite you to do the same!  This will be such a sweet way to spread the meaning of Christmas, and I am looking so forward to it.  Watch this video for a dose of Christmas spirit.  Mr. Miller and I watched it in bed last night, and we will be presenting it to our little Millies tonight.

I love being a part of this wonderful church, and I love being able to help share it’s efforts of spreading goodness in this world.  Join me!

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