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life after loss | tubby babies make me happy

What a month!  Never in my life have I experienced the depths of life that loss has shown me this past month.  I am exhausted, and so ready to put it behind me and learn and grow, and gain perspective over pain.  I am looking ahead with a heart broken open, eyes that see deeper, love that extends more fully.  Again, the mantra that gets me through my hardest hours have been, “I am not afraid, I was born to do this,”  With the good Lord on my side, I will be held steady.  I will be given what I need in my time of suffering, my worst days will be sanctified.  

I have appreciated every bit of advice I’ve been given on how to get through this debilitating grief.  One dear family friend of mine (@myfriendmesha on instagram) mentioned “hand therapy”, where you work with your hands on anything.  Gardening, baking, art.. whatever it might be.  I have been making myself pull out my camera, just like I used to love to do.  Just simply taking photos of my children living our lives.  That has gotten away from me over the years, and it felt so good to get back in touch with my roots.

I have noticed as a wonderfully tender mercy that though my heart is broken and my world seems to be crumbling, it is also full of life, and light, and promise.  My life is good, and happy, and fulfilling.  It will heal me as I lean into it fully, as I have been called to do.  Nothing reminded me of this more than having my babies in the tub the other morning.  I got out my camera and remembered again, that life is happy.  My heart is right here at home with my little ones, and this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Anyone around here long enough to remember THIS or THIS post?  It’s like having the same babes twice! :D

Praying that May blossoms into beautiful things in your lives.  Mine too!


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utah, nature journaling, and adventures

We Millers can’t stay still for too long.  On our weekends home, we still like to come up with little adventures.  Road tripping is our family’s favorite thing to do, so a few Saturdays ago, we took a little road trip up to Enterprise Utah to take in the beautiful changing of seasons in one of Utah’s most beautiful areas.

We stopped to pick up some corn from a road-side stand and then stopped again for a little nature journaling.  We broke out into a little family shoot as the girls played and took pictures.  They are getting more interested in my big camera and their little hands are now big enough to reach the buttons.  This has been so fun for us to enjoy together.  These pictures were mostly taken by my sweet big girls, and because of that, may be some of my favorites.

One of the girls snapped this pic of Mr. Miller and I think it might be my favorite photo of him ever taken.  This is the man I love, adventuring with his family, mini van overflowing (literally) with children, happy eyes and full of love.

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photography and me

Photography and I have had an interesting year in our marriage together.  I have always been the ever faithful spouse to Photography.  Devoted to spending time with it, anxious to improve our relationship together, always placing it near the top of the priority list, showering it with attention at my every chance.  I’ve been good to Photography, and in turn, Photography has been good to me.  We get each other, the world gets us, it’s all come so naturally – not without growing pains – but still naturally.

This year, Photography and I have had what some might call “the 7 year itch”.  (It hasn’t exactly been 7 years, but 5 year itch didn’t sound as serious).  I’ve been going through some things and Photography hasn’t been a real shoulder to cry on.  Photography has just asked more of me in a time I felt like I couldn’t give more.  We took some time apart and began to date each other casually.  I realized Photography gets me in a way no other thing does.  I love it dearly, I really do.  I needed to figure out where my heart was.  Was I in this for the long haul, or not?

Photography had been a little stubborn, but decided to come back around.  We started seeing more of each other and I began to fall in love with it again.  I became excited about it again.  It’s no longer one more thing on my to-do list, but the thing that helps me get through all my other stuff.  As in any marriage, overcoming each struggle makes our relationship stronger and I’m excited to see where this fresh new outlook takes us.

I am currently booking through the rest of 2013.  Last year I booked up by August, so if you’re wanting me for your family pictures this year – and you know I want you – let’s get to chatting about it.  I am wanting to focus on birth and home story sessions primarily, but now through November I am taking on-location family sessions for $375.  Message me for the deets. (you know you want to!)

****I am also looking for models for up coming projects! Hooray! ****

I am looking for families of about 4-5, preferably with younger children.
Must be comfortable shooting in your home.
Must be down for a super good time. :)
Email me a picture of your family and tell me a little about yourselves.
I wont be able to take everyone, but I will be offering discounts to anyone I can’t shoot for this project!

So enough already with my baggage, let’s move on to prettier things….

I am kicking off the busy season with possibly THE most beautiful family around.  I love this mama dearly as she was my birth coach/therapist/friend/soul sister and she was one of the only people who witnessed my sweet Stella’s birth.  If you are having a baby, contact her about her Bradley classes.. I promise you wont regret it – Pinky swear!

Trisha is just getting ready to send her oldest boy out on an LDS mission so naturally we had to do some family pictures.  I loved this session so much!  Can’t wait to see them all back in 2 years! ;) 


Love to you all on this happy Wednesday!

xoxo, C

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boston and bentlee

My best gal Jordan is the genius behind this mane of mine.  She can whip up a cut and color that makes me hollywood-worthy in no time.  A few weekends ago she was passing through town and always makes time to glam me up, so it was the least I could do to squeeze her littles in for a session at the studio.

Boston and Bentlee are both as cute as they come and full of spunk and p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-i-t-y.  These are my favorite kind of kids to photograph because they totally disregard I’m even there and completely do their own thing.  This isn’t always a photographers favorite, but to me, this is the recipe for photography perfection!

Aren’t they the cutest?

xo, C

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