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utah, nature journaling, and adventures

We Millers can’t stay still for too long.  On our weekends home, we still like to come up with little adventures.  Road tripping is our family’s favorite thing to do, so a few Saturdays ago, we took a little road trip up to Enterprise Utah to take in the beautiful changing of seasons in one of Utah’s most beautiful areas.

We stopped to pick up some corn from a road-side stand and then stopped again for a little nature journaling.  We broke out into a little family shoot as the girls played and took pictures.  They are getting more interested in my big camera and their little hands are now big enough to reach the buttons.  This has been so fun for us to enjoy together.  These pictures were mostly taken by my sweet big girls, and because of that, may be some of my favorites.

One of the girls snapped this pic of Mr. Miller and I think it might be my favorite photo of him ever taken.  This is the man I love, adventuring with his family, mini van overflowing (literally) with children, happy eyes and full of love.

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summer adventures

My friend Emily said it best when she told me “The more kids we have, the more we feel the need to get away together.” I loved that, and feel the exact same way.

When adventure knocks on our door, we Millers try to never turn away.  When adventure doesn’t knock, we go out and look for it.  Just after our trip to California, we decided to head to Salt Lake.  One of the reasons we love where we live is that we are pretty close to everything, 6 hours to the beach, 4 hours to Salt Lake, a couple of hours from Vegas, a couple from the mountains.  It makes our wanderlusting very easy to achieve.  And to be honest – we love road trips.  I have learned this about myself over the years – I love the simpler things in life, and road tripping with my family just gets me right in the happy.

We have a summer bucket list going and we are trying to get everything knocked out before school starts.  The girls wanted to stay in a hotel at some point over the summer, and we decided this would be the time.  We usually visit family on our travels, so this was a special treat for the girls.  We stuffed our family of 6 into that hotel room (still pinching myself these are all my kids!) for the weekend and had a blast.  Farmers markets, shopping, pampering, park city, cousin time.. We enjoyed every last drop.

We stopped at the Beaver cheese factory on our way up and had ice cream on the lawn.  This was one of my favorite moments of the trip, and just now as I’m posting these, Stella said “Oh mom, that place was my favorite! Can we go there again soon?” If that isn’t a good reminder to stop and smell the roses more often, I don’t know what is. ;)

 I finally got to enjoy some Ruby Snap cookies! My goodness they were delicious! The lemon blueberry had to be my favorite.

 We made our way up to Park City market on Sunday and one of my sisters came up with her family.  We had so much fun, I love Park City and street markets are my kind of thing.



We adventured our way through Ikea to finalize our bathroom remodel plans and get some creative juices flowing.
Stella thinks she needs a sewing room now… and a sewing machine to start. ;)

On our way home, we drove through Provo and stopped at the new temple.  My goodness, it is so beautiful and quaint.  It has the neatest energy around the temple grounds.  We loved every bit of it.




 Summers with a minivan full of my own family will go down as my favorite favorite season of life.  I know good seasons are to come when this one ends, but I’ll hold this one close to my heart forever and ever and ever.

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taking a stand

With the moral support of her sisters, Grae finally got the courage to learn to stand on her own!

 Lots of this scene is in my near future.


 (sweetest video of this event on my instagram)

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spring fever

My family has had a rough go of winter this year.  It seems at least one of us has been sick since Christmas!  We were supposed to spend our first weekend of Spring Break at the beach, but Grae, Stella, and Brady were all still down and out by the time our trip was planned to leave, so we missed our weekend plans in California.  By Tuesday, everyone seemed to be on the mend, so we decided to not waste a week of no school and head down to the beach after all!  It has been my experience that these little last minute trips are usually my favorite.

Instead of planning our whole itinerary or scheduling around other people, we made a little list of things we wanted to do while we were there and each day we crossed a few off.  This was the funnest way to travel!  Everyone made suggestions on the list and we had fun seeing what was next and having our options right in front of us.  Traveling can be stressful, especially with young kids.  We have learned a few tips along the way that has made life a little easier for us.  Enjoying the journey and not just the destination is crucial, I think.  What takes my sister 6 hours to drive by herself, takes my family of five 8 (sometimes 9) hours.  We stop often to keep everyone happy.  Being in a hurry and having high expectations are serious enjoyment killers on a trip, I will tell you what.  We have had trips where we had too much planned and we all ended up bickering most of the time. Here are a few of my own little tips for making life on the road a little easier with the little ones.


We tend to be on the road a lot as a family.  We get restless and thirst for adventure every so often.  I love being at home, but I also love experiencing that home is where we’re all together.  For us, home is also at the beach, it’s in the car on long drives, it’s experiencing new things together, eating our favorite foods together, living our lives together.  Sometimes hitting the road is just exactly what we need as a family to reconnect and reboot.  My girls are such good little travelers (Grae not so much) and I looooove seeing their little faces light up at that first peek of the beach.  On the ride home, I love my long chats with Brady about life and goals and who we are to ground me and to connect us as a couple.  I love watching Grae experience these family traditions for the first time and seeing how she adds to our family dynamic.  This trip was a sweet one, and I look forward to more adventures with this crew of mine.

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