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Life + Style

It’s been a while since I have posted in my life and style series, and I have had a serious case of the post-partum frumps, so I will be making the extra effort to take care of myself, and touch base with myself once a week in this series!

Life :

We are feeling the slowness of fall wrap around us like a big cozy blanket.  I am a summer girl, so saying goodbye to summer is a bit bittersweet, but I do love these cozier days at home with my little ones.  I have gotten used to our new routine with school, homework, piano, chores.  I was dreading the girls going to school full day, but I seem to have found a rhythm to our day that works for us, and I have really enjoyed the mornings with my two littlest ones.

The weather has been so beautiful and I have been taking the babies for a long walk in the morning.  Major sleeps in the stroller, Grae is content and still for the first only time of the day, I listen to uplifting books or scriptures as I walk, and take in the beauty all around.  I have really grown fond of these morning walks.  They set my intention for the day and give my brain time to reset.

In the afternoons, when the babies wake from naps, we take to the porch and wait for the bus.  This is the happiest time of my whole day.  I love seeing my children miss each other and be reunited happily day after day.  We chat for a bit on the porch, then come in and as I start readying the kitchen for dinner prep, the girls do their homework, chores (tidy their room and living room), and practice piano.  After that, their time is free to play and rest to their little hearts content (ie: screen privilages…;) ).

We have crossed off the last bit of our summer bucket list, and will be creating a new holidays bucket list for the upcoming season.  First thing was dressing up our porch with pumpkins and mums.  We were lucky to have my best girl Ashley Flowers join us to snap a few pictures as we prepare for a new season.  When I see these pictures of myself out and about with my four little ones, teaching them to embrace the new season and to stop and smell the roses (or mums in this case), I feel such a sense of pride.  I never knew I would be capable of being a mom to four, but here I am.  Life is full and happy.

Style :

I get lots of questions of where we shop, so I’m trying something new to make it easier to shop our looks (or similar) when I post.  Let me know if you find it helpful!

My cute top is local from Scout & Cloth, the girls dresses aren’t new, but I’ve linked similar below…
Shop Similar –

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life + style

My style over the last year has gone through a serious frumpy stage.  Try as I might to keep those from sneaking up on me, they always do.  I cut my hair at a length I hated last year and it overtook my ability to feel cute or put together.  I find that if I put in the extra effort, I am still just balancing the fact that I feel like a frumpy housewife.  And that is not a good kind of housewife to be, no sir!

I have also found that frumpy stages are a good opportunity to grow and evolve from a current style.  Maybe the last style is no longer doing me any favors for my body type.  Maybe my inner self is not being reflected outwardly like I would like.  I am starting to feel myself come out of my mean case of “the frumps”, and I have been stepping out of my style comfort a bit which is always good.  Right now I’m playing around with jeans.  Long flared jeans, high waisted skinnies.. I love the longer look, and homegirl can have a help in the length department any day of the week.

These Joe’s jeans from blue linen are so comfortable and flattering.  I am also l-l-loving this long kimono/sweater.  I have found myself wearing it a weee bit too much.  It’s so comfortable and casual, with a bit of a dressed up feel.  That’s my favorite.

 (entire outfit from Blue Linen Boutique | photos : ashley flowers photography)

 This hairstyle is a go-to.  I simply pull my bangs and top hair back into a hairtie, backcomb the pony tail and twirl it around and pin.  That is my secret for any good top knot.  ;) Now if I can just get those baby bangs long enough to stay put, I may be officially out of the frumps! :D

Have a happy weekend! We Millers will be living it up at the Rodeo in town! Yeehaw!

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life + style

This week I have been down and out with a stomach virus. Yuck!  Nothing makes you feel more blessed with good health and energy than getting a virus to knock you down, I tell you what.  I am finally feeling on the mend today.  My poor blog has suffered because I haven’t even felt well enough to sit up to my computer this week.  Luckily, I seemed to have turned the corner and I’m feeling good today.

Today I am sharing a fun collab I did a few months back with Scout&Cloth.  One of my favorite online shops.  This dress is the best of the best.  It’s comfortable it’s tight to stretchy ratio is right on par, and it can be worn a million different ways, transitioning easily into fall.  I am obsessed! Get it in the shop today.  It is a staple you do not want to miss out on!

I am showing it styled up two different ways.  One is a way I’d wear to church, or on a dressy date night.  The other, I’d wear out and about with my kids during the week.  I LOVE having pieces like this in my closet.

 Enjoy your weekend! I will hopefully enjoy feeling WAY WAY better than I have this week.  Fingers crossed!


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life + style

things making me happy this week:
summer monsoons
new grass in the backyard
fresh swigs
giggly girls
dance parties in my living room
long sister conversations
dating my lover
new pink lipstick

It is good to be a lady!

TOP c/o Scout&Cloth
SKIRT c/o Scout&Cloth
HAIR : Bellami Hair Extentions
photos : Ashley Flowers

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